Nook Stop Animal Crossing New Horizons Items

Nook Stop is a terminal that allows players to exchange their Nook Miles for rewards.

Players can also use Bells to shop from the Nook Shopping section of the terminal and choose from the daily changing inventory. Items purchased through nook shopping will be delivered to the player’s mailbox as parcels the next day. Items sent online to friends can be picked up immediately from the email.

Once a Nook’s Cranny is created, the catalog will be unlocked in the nook shopping section of nook stop, and the daily product selection will be in an area called “Special Goods”.

Nook stop can also be used as an ABD or Automatic Bell Dispenser where players can deposit bells, withdraw bells or pay off their mortgage.

Use Nook Stop to earn Nook Miles

One way to earn nook miles is to use nook stop. It will reward your nook miles with the following amount every day: Day 1…Day 7+: 50, 80, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 nook miles.

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1. Special items Nook Mile Redemption

In addition to the customizable phone case kit, all of these items are delivered immediately.

  • Bell voucher(500 Miles). Can be sold at Nook’s Cranny for 3,000 Bells.
  • Nook Miles ticket(2,000 Miles). Allows the player to embark on flights deserted islands. Can be sold at Nook’s Cranny for 10,000 Bells.
  • Pretty-good Tools Recipes(3,000 Miles). Gives access to the DIY Recipes for the Stone Axe, Axe, Shovel, Fishing Rod, Net, and Watering Can.
  • Top 8 Pop Hairstyles(2,400 Miles). Gives the player access to 8 new hairstyles that they can use at a mirror or vanity.
  • Top 8 Cool Hairstyles(2,400 Miles). Gives the player access to 8 new hairstyles that they can use at a mirror or vanity.
  • Top 8 Stylish Hair Colors(3,000 Miles). Allows the player to dye their hair into 8 new bright colors at a mirror or vanity.
  • Fence DIY recipes(1,000 Miles). Various fence recipes which can be placed around the island.
  • Tool Ring: It’s Essential!(800 Miles). Gives the player the ability to utilize a tool wheel with eight slots by pressing up on the directional pad.
  • Pocket Organization Guide(5,000 Miles). Increases inventory slots by 10, for a total of 30.
  • Ultimate Pocket Stuffing Guide(8,000 Miles). Increases inventory slots by 10, for a total of 40.
  • Customizable phone case kit(1,800 Miles). Allows the player to customize the case of their NookPhone. Unlike the other special items, this gets delivered by mail the next day.
  • Custom Design Pro Editor(800 Miles). Allows players the option to choose from a variety of different clothing types to make designs for, including t-shirts, dresses, hoodies, hats, and more. Once a player selects the type of clothing they want to make a design for they will have access to different panels that represent what part of the piece of clothing you are designing (front, back, left sleeve, right sleeve)
  • Waterscaping permit(6,000 Miles). Allows players to add, remove and/or change rivers, ponds and waterfalls on their island
  • Cliff-construction permit(6,000 Miles). Allows players to add, remove and/or change cliffs on their island

2. Nook Inc. Promotional Items

This section contains physical items with nook Inc. themes. Each of these is delivered by mail the next day. However, nook Inc.’s Silk Rug is exclusive to Nintendo switch online and can be purchased free of charge at the Nintendo switch e-shop.

  • Nook Inc. aloha shirt(600 miles).
  • Nook Inc. tee(600 miles).
  • Nook Inc. blouson(800 miles).
  • Nook Inc. bandanna(500 miles).
  • Nook Inc. cap(400 miles).
  • Nook Inc. eye mask(400 miles).
  • Nook Inc. slippers(400 miles).
  • Nook Inc. knapsack(800 miles).
  • Nook Inc. umbrella(700 miles).
  • Nook Inc. uchiwa fan(400 miles).
  • Nook Inc. wall(1,200 miles).
  • Nook Inc. flooring(1,200 miles).
  • Nook Inc. silk rug(600 miles).
  • Nook Inc. botanical rug(1,000 miles).
  • Nook Inc. rug(1,000 miles).

3. DIY Recipes

These recipes are unlocked after Resident Services, except for fences that are unlocked after the player has furnished three house plots. These recipes will be delivered immediately. “Various fence types” represent fence recipes that change every day.

  • Various fence types(1,000 miles).
  • Drinking fountain(800 miles).
  • Manhole cover(800 miles).
  • Stone Tablet(800 miles).
  • Destinations signpost(1,500 miles).
  • Wave breaker(1,500 miles).
  • Brick well(2,000 miles).
  • Simple well(2,000 miles).
  • Stall(2,000 miles).
  • Stone Arch(2,000 miles).
  • Fountain(3,000 miles).
  • Outdoor bath(3,000 miles).
  • Silo(3,000 miles).
  • Robot hero(5,000 miles).

4. Other Items

Unlock after the completion of residential service. The colors of these items are different in each game and cannot be customized. Trading is the only way to get different colors for these items.

  • Construction Sign(1,000 Miles).
  • Cotton-Candy Stall(3,000 Miles).
  • Drink Machine(2,000 Miles).
  • Lifeguard Chair(1,000 Miles).
  • Portable Toilet(1,000 Miles).
  • Streetlamp(1,000 Miles).
  • Utility Pole(1,000 Miles).
  • Public Bench(2,000 Miles).
  • Snack Machine(2,000 Miles).
  • Springy Ride-on(2,000 Miles).
  • Tourist Telescope(2,000 Miles).
  • Park Clock(2,400 Miles).
  • Phone Box(2,400 Miles).
  • Sandbox(2,400 Miles).
  • Playground gym(3,000 Miles).
  • Parabolic Antenna(4,000 Miles).
  • Soccer Goal(4,000 Miles).
  • Solar Panel(4,000 Miles).
  • Wind Turbine(4,000 Miles).
  • Lighthouse(5,000 Miles).
  • Monster Statue(5,000 Miles).
  • Pool(5,000 Miles).
  • Teacup Ride(5,000 Miles).

Note: the delivery method is mail.

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