PoE Nimis Topaz Ring

Nimis is a Unique Ring designed by Jungroan, and drops from the Uber Eater of Worlds. It makes your projectiles return to you after their flight, but it makes them go in random directions too.

Nimis Topaz Ring


Nimis is a unique Topaz Ring. Rings.

Requires Level 48.

  • +(20–30)% to Lightning Resistance

  • +(30–50) to Dexterity
  • (25–35)% increased Projectile Damage
  • Projectiles Return to you at end of flight
  • Projectiles are fired in random directions

Flavour Text: Too much of something is bad enough; too much of nothing is just as tough.

How to get Nimis Topaz Ring?

  • Drops from Uber Eater.

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  • The random direction modifier takes precedent over other projectile direction effects such as Arrow Nova Support or Volley Support.

The return effects of Projectiles Return to you at end of Flight does not require hitting a target for the projectile to return. Hitting a wall or reaching the end of its flight distance will cause the projectile to return to the character (or to the proxy if used by a trap, mine, totem, etc.). Using up all projectile behaviours and hitting an enemy will also count as the end of Flight. Note that this modifier also applies to Spells.


  • This effect does not apply to projectiles which target the ground and deal damage via Area of Effect, such as projectiles from Blast Rain or Forbidden Rite.
  • Secondary projectiles cannot return (e.g. Tornado Shot, Frost Blades, Venom Gyre, Scourge Arrow, Spectral Shield Throw)
  • Skills used by proxies (e.g. Siege Ballista, Lightning Trap) cause projectiles to return to the proxy, not the player.

Notable interactions:

  • Skills that can hit multiple targets with its AOE such as Vaal Burning Arrow and Caustic Arrow with pierce can explode on contact, when it hits the ground, and when it returns.
  • Rolling Magma, Molten Strike with Wildfire, and Vaal Molten Strike will cause each bounce to happen in a random direction.
  • Spark's duration is refreshed on its attempt to return to the player.
  • Shattering Steel explode in the direction of the user.



It was designed by Jungroan : Nimis.

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