NBA 2K23 5 Event Cards Season 4

Five Event Cards Season 4

It is still a festive time of year with Lunar New Year on the horizon, and MyTEAM will celebrate with the first of three 2-week events during Season 4. Each event combines Agendas, Challenges, and Locker Codes for a Galaxy Opal player card by completing its collection. Get ready for this new way to takeover in MyTEAM!

To complete this Lunar New Year Event collection to start Season 4, earn 10 Takeover players dropping each weekday between the start of Season 4 on 1/13 and the end of the Lunar New Year event on 1/26. From Agenda Groups, Skill Challenges, and Locker Codes, each player will have their own unique way to be added to your collection.

To get us started, the first Takeover Pink Diamond of the Season will be Suns All-Star and NBA Champion, Shawn Marion! You will still be able to earn Marion’s card after wins in most of MyTEAM’s modes, but also from an Agenda Group, bringing new and different requirements than previous Friday Takeover cards.

To complete the collection, you will also need to earn five Event Cards showcasing your skills in the different ways to play MyTEAM. Whether you choose to beat the competition in full lineup games in Domination or Unlimited, or compete in single player or multiplayer Triple Threat and Clutch Time, how you earn four of these Event Cards will be up to you and how you like to compete in MyTEAM.

The fifth Event Card will come from completing a new Spotlight Challenge group based around the players released in the Lunar New Year base set, which will be available in the Pack Market during this event. All 30 of the players in this set were born in previous Years of the Rabbit, so keep an eye out for who can help you complete this Spotlight Challenge set.

Earn all 10 Takeover player cards and the 5 Event Cards to complete the event collection for Galaxy Opal Yi Jianlian! This 7-footer has appeared in the favorite lists of MyTEAM cards every year, and now you can add him to your collection during this event.

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