NBA 2K22 Season 1: Call To Ball

Season 1: Call To Ball

Are you ready to answer the Call to Ball in Season 1 of NBA 2K22 in MyTEAM? In case you missed last week’s Seasons Courtside Report, MyTEAM will once again have new Seasonal Player Reward Cards to earn throughout the mode.

To get you started in MyTEAM, simply head to the Season Agenda menu to pick up the one and only Kobe Bryant, with a 93-rated Free Agent card to lead your starter lineup. We’ve already mentioned the Pink Diamond Glenn Robinson available in Draft, but you can also earn Pink Diamond Devin Booker for getting all 6 rings in Limited this Season, and Pink Diamond Wilt Chamberlain for rising up the tiers in Unlimited and going 12-0 at the top! Just a few of the over thirteen, 90+ OVR-rated, Reward Player Cards that are available on Day 1 in MyTEAM!

For those looking to complete Agendas and earn XP to increase your Season Level, you will notice familiar and new Agendas to complete this year. To help see the progress of the multiple Agendas you may be completing in a single game, all tracked Agendas will now pop-up during gameplay to inform you of your progress. Of course, earning XP is the name of the Season level game in MyTEAM, and once you do reach Level 40, Pink Diamond Carmelo Anthony is ready to drop-in and get BUCKETS!

One more new change to note while earning and rising through the levels of Season 1. Ascension is BACK, but now the plays you earn from Season Levels will save your progression between attempts. So you no longer get reset to the bottom level each time you play Ascension! Pick up right where you left off and seek out each Season’s Grand Prize Player!

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