MW3 Village (+ Chicken Shack, Market, Shacks, Ditch, Industrial Yard) – Modern Warfare 3


Prepare for sharp corners and ambushes while moving through the Village, an area of narrow passages with a tight turn toward the Industrial Yard. Most of the buildings are closed off here, though there is a solid vantage point found in a balcony facing the Bridge, accessible by climbing up the shed in front of it. The nearby Chicken Shack is also of note with its cramped living space below; for a greater view, use the fridge or table pressed against the building to reach the Chicken Shack Roof, providing useful views to the north, south, and east.

Sightlines open when moving into the Industrial Yard, another ground-floor area where the only means to get up top is by climbing, in this case by hoisting yourself onto a metal awning to reach the Industrial Yard Balcony. Be careful when crossing over the Ditch toward the yard, as you will be momentarily exposed to long sightlines.

When engaging enemies here, try to position the fight into the area that best complements your Loadout and playstyle; otherwise you risk getting pulled into a disadvantageous position.

Deploy to a run-down industrial sector just outside the city, the highway extending over it in major disrepair. Tromp through the mud, stage an ambush, or test your luck on the rain-slicked rooftops. In this large environment, your options are nearly endless.


Pouring rain has transformed this industrial sector into a mud bath, but that won’t stop our Operators from giving their most in the battle ahead. Wipe the downpour from your eyes and seek out all that Underpass has to offer: plentiful climbing opportunities, unrivaled ambush potential, and balanced mix of fighting across all playstyles.

Get the most out of this complex map by studying all the advantages it offers to the informed Operator. This is your guide to Underpass:


MW3 Underpass Map areas


MW3 Underpass Map hardpoints

domination flags

MW3 Underpass Map domination flags

search & destroy sites

MW3 Underpass Map search & destroy sites

spawn points

MW3 Underpass Map spawn points

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