MW3 Rucksacks - Modern Warfare 3


MW3 Rucksacks

Fill your Rucksack with essential Acquisitions that you find on the battlefield or craft via valuable Schematics. Initially there are up to five open slots on the Small Rucksack. After your first mission, providing you’ve found either Acquisitions or Schematics, you can add such items to the Rucksack.

Adding to Your Attacks: Acquisitions and Schematics

Once you return from your first few successful missions, you’re able to place Acquisitions into your Rucksack for use during subsequent outings. You can also start to craft your own Acquisitions at the Schematic Crafting location (in the Lobby), between drops.

MW3 Rucksacks

Acquisitions: These are single-use items that can give you an advantage on the battlefield. Acquisitions you find and exfil with in your Rucksack can be added to your Acquisition Stash, within your Rucksack Menu.

Schematics: These are highly sought-after plans that permanently allow you to craft Acquisitions that you can add to your Rucksack. Schematics have a cooldown period, after which they can be brought into the Exclusion Zone.

MW3 Rucksacks

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