MW3 Cave – Modern Warfare 3


MW3 Afghan Map

Though small in size, the Cave is a major point of interest on Afghan. It’s great for avoiding enemy aerial streaks, and it provides a quick route between the Plane and the western cliffside.

Because you can more easily control your sightlines toward the center from within the Cave, you can take shots against enemies in the Plane and Bunkers and then slip back to safety before they can respond. By covering the Walkway and Cliffs on the other side, you can shut down enemy movement along a key portion of the western path.

With three entry points into it, however, the Cave can quickly become a hot spot, so be ready to engage in close-quarters combat at a moment’s notice, whether that’s swapping to your secondary or taking along a Shotgun for short-ranged power.

Battle in the arid canyons around a crash site, encircled by bunkers and cliffside anti-air batteries poised to take down incoming aircraft. The uneven terrain presents risk and opportunity, from the high cliff face above to the dark cave below.


Deploy to a crash site in the desert, a fortified canyon dominated by long-ranged sightlines. With smart use of the terrain, however, all playstyles can thrive, using flank routes to disrupt enemy positions and control key areas on the map.

To avoid getting scorched in this desert landscape, study up on the fundamentals. Here’s what you should know about Afghan:


MW3 Afghan Map areas


MW3 Afghan Map hardpoints

domination flags

MW3 Afghan Map domination flags

search & destroy sites

MW3 Afghan Map search & destroy sites

spawn points

MW3 Afghan Map spawn points

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