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Nova Operator

How does Carry Forward work regarding any Operators I may have acquired?

For Modern Warfare II players, all unlocked Operators and Operator Skins will carry forward into Modern Warfare III. This essentially means that every Operator a MWII player has unlocked, obtained via challenge, or purchased (including the PlayStation® Exclusive Oni Operator), will be available in MWIII.

For MWIII players who do not own MWII, MWII Base Operators will not be available.

Note: “Base Operator” means the Operator with their default Skin, which may require a challenge to unlock.

Note: Unless otherwise specified, “Modern Warfare II” content also applies to content you’ve obtained during the second iteration of Call of Duty: Warzone that launched with Season 01 of Modern Warfare II.

MW3 Operator Carry Forward

Example: The Operator Nova (shown above in Base Skin) can be unlocked only after completing the Modern Warfare II“Violence and Timing” Campaign mission.

  • A MWII player will not be able to access this Base Operator until the unlock prerequisite is completed. Then the Operator is unlocked for both games.
  • A MWIII-only player will not be able to access this Base Operator.
  • A Store Bundle released in MWII that includes Nova would be accessible in both games. Players would have access to only that specific Bundle Skin, not the Base (default) Skin. This is currently the case in MWII, so no changes are planned there.
  • A Store Bundle released in MWIII that includes Nova would be accessible only in MWIII.

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