MW3 Boathouse (+ Long Stairs, Curved Stairs, Lake) – Modern Warfare 3


Positioned at a higher elevation, the Boathouse area is largely out of view from the rest of the map except for a portion exposed to the Lodge’s Front Entrance. Sparse cover makes traversing here a risky business, though some scattered furniture and other cover objects can offer protection in a pinch.

Head inside the Boathouse for greater concealment, though keep in mind that its thin wooden walls provide little protection against incoming fire. If you need to escape, head out toward the water where a lower elevation gives you the breathing room to reposition for a counterattack. You might even take a swim in the Lake for a surprise attack when they come looking for you.

Head to a Makarov’s safehouse and garrison in the Caucasus Mountains, where a pristine Lodge overlooks an expansive woodland property. Fight from the main living quarters or utilize the various outbuildings and fields to engage enemies from the perimeter.


Concealed within a snowcapped mountain range, Estate offers valuable amenities alongside its three-story dwelling, including a Greenhouse, lakeside access, and several outbuildings providing storage for supplies and vehicles.

Operators looking to jump into the heat of battle will find plenty in and around the iconic Lodge, though this medium-sized map hosts several other important points of interest across the surrounding property, providing opportunities for stealth plays, flank attacks, and heated skirmishes around objectives.


MW3 Estate Map areas


MW3 Estate Map hardpoints

domination flags

MW3 Estate Map domination flags

search & destroy sites

MW3 Estate Map search & destroy sites

spawn points

MW3 Estate Map spawn points

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