MW3 Actibase Office (+ Actibase Reception) – Modern Warfare 3


Fight around the cubicles, side offices, and the lobby of Actibase, an office in a pristine skyscraper setting. There’s just one accessible level inside, so the majority of threats here will be encountered face-to-face. Of course, the front windows open up to all kinds of sightlines across the rooftop, the Helipad, and the opposing Phonic Office, so always be aware of your position in relation to them.

The southwest corridor leads to a staircase descending into the Actibase Tunnel, which offers a means of escape when the building gets too hot. It’s also a great way to attack enemies in the building, allowing you to flank behind the central office, sneaking up on their position as they’re engaged with your teammates in the center.

The highest position on the map is accessible from the front of the building here, though you’ll need bravery, timing, and placement to achieve the vantage point. Start by taking a running jump via Tactical Sprint toward the ladder on the building’s left side when facing it. From there, walk the edge of the building to the hanging platform on the other side. Use that to reach the rooftop. If you can make it without getting eliminated en route, you’ll be rewarded with the highest power position on the map. Beware of the propane tank behind you; if it takes enough damage, it will explode wiping out anyone on the roof!

Whatever you do, don’t look down. Positioned atop a wind-whipped skyscraper, Highrise forces Operators to face their fear of heights while skirmishing around the building’s ongoing construction.


Highrise features opposing offices overlooking a central rooftop worksite. Tunnels wind below the surface and an imposing Helipad offers access to some of the map’s best vantage points alongside other perilous crossings for the brave and foolhardy.

Whether you plan on using every odd angle to outplay the enemy or prefer a more direct approach to combat, this guide to Highrise will ensure firm footing in all areas of the iconic skyscraper.


MW3 Highrise Map areas


MW3 Highrise Map hardpoints

domination flags

MW3 Highrise Map domination flags

search & destroy sites

MW3 Highrise Map search & destroy sites

spawn points

MW3 Highrise Map spawn points

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