MLB The Show 24 Swings into Summer with Update 13: New Uniforms, Historic Stadium

Get ready to step up to the plate, baseball fans! MLB The Show 24’s Update 13 arrives on June 20th at 4 AM PT, bringing a batch of exciting additions and bug fixes to enhance your gameplay experience.

Hit a Home Run with Historic Rickwood Field

History buffs and baseball enthusiasts alike rejoice! The legendary Rickwood Field, the oldest professional ballpark in the United States, is now playable in MLB The Show 24. Relive the echoes of legendary Negro Leagues games and create your own baseball memories on this hallowed ground.

Los Angeles Dodgers Get a Stylish Upgrade

Show your support for the Los Angeles Dodgers with their brand new City Connect uniform, now available to wear in-game.

Diamond Dynasty Gets a Fix

Diamond Dynasty players can now rest assured that the Wild Card selection will behave as intended. A previous issue that caused the selection to close abruptly when attempting to choose a different card has been resolved.

Custom Leagues and Stadium Creator Enhancements

For players who enjoy creating their own leagues and stadiums, Update 13 brings some welcome improvements. The message board in Custom Leagues will now accurately display team names for game results, ensuring a smoother experience. Additionally, Stadium Creator receives a boost with 10 new props inspired by Rickwood Field, allowing for even greater creative freedom.

A Focus on Polish

Update 13 also addresses a variety of bugs and commentary improvements. This includes fixing an issue that caused incorrect player models to appear in the Play Now team select menu.

Focus on Gameplay Balance

While Update 13 prioritizes adding new content and fixing bugs, the developer notes that there are no gameplay or live content balance changes included. This ensures a stable gaming experience for ongoing leagues and competition.

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