Mlb The Show 24 Not Getting Xp, Not Earning Xp

If you are not earning XP in "MLB The Show 24," there are several potential reasons and corresponding solutions you can try:

  1. XP Cap: The game has a daily XP cap. Once you reach this limit, you cannot earn more XP until the next day. This cap is to prevent players from exploiting the system to gain excessive XP quickly​ (Community Forum)​​ (Community Forum)​.

  2. Gameplay Sliders: Make sure you haven’t altered the gameplay sliders. Resetting them to default can sometimes resolve XP earning issues​ (Sony San Diego Studio Games)​​ (Community Forum)​.

  3. Game Reinstallation: If the issue persists, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the game. This method has helped some players start earning XP again​ (Community Forum)​.

  4. Logging In and Out: Simply logging out and back into your account can sometimes fix the problem​ (Sony San Diego Studio Games)​.

  5. Console Cache: Clearing your console’s cache might also help resolve XP earning issues​ (Sony San Diego Studio Games)​.

If none of these steps work, you might want to submit an issue ticket to the game’s support team for further assistance​ (Sony San Diego Studio Games)​.

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