Challenge! Piñata! — Lost Ark

Challenge! Piñata!

Challenge! Piñata! is a quest found in Lost Ark. Level: 1.

Location Related Quests Start NPC In-game Description
Zone: Starsand Beach
  • Required quests:
    • Ride the Ocean
  • Prerequisite for quests:
    • Time for Refreshment
Festival Official There seems to be a fun challenge going on at Inath Cliff. I should check out what the challenge entails.
NOTE: If you fail the quest, you can get it again at Tideshelf Path.
NOTE: If the piñata mask is removed, open the inventory quest bag to equip it again.


  1. Recieve the Lailai Token of Honor
  2. Starsand Beach
    • Talk to the festival official at Inath Cliff
    • – Festival Official
    • Wear a piñata mask
    • Go to the middle of the hill
    • First Gate: to leave a gift
      If the piñata mask comes off, use the piñata mask inside the quest bag.
    • Second Gate: to sprinkle candy
      Climb the cliffs
    • Arrive within 60 sec. and grab the flag

    The voices are calling to you

  3. Talk to the Loud-Mouthed Piñata
  4. – Loud-Mouthed Piñata


  • 56,666 x XP
  • 2,680 x Roster XP
  • 8 x Destruction Stone Crystal (Bound)
  • 1,896 x Silver

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