Key – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)

List of Lords of the Fallen Key

Name Icon Use Location
Abbot Vernoff’s Key Access to Manse of the Hallowed Brothers. Manse of the Hallowed Brothers
Drainage Control Key Access to the drainage control room of the Calrath cistern. Cistern
Empyrean Church Key Access to the Empyrean church. The Empyrean
Fief Key Access to the fief of Kinrangr. Skyrest Bridge
Manse Kitchen Key Access to the kitchen in the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers Manse of the Hallowed Brothers
Pilgrim’s Perch Elevator Key Access to the Pilgrim’s Perch elevator.  
Pilgrim’s Perch Key Access to certain doors in Pilgrim’s Perch. Skyrest Bridge
Prison Cell Key Access to a prison cell. Pilgrim’s Perch
Royal Key Used to access the Dining Hall. Bramis Castle
Skyrest Bridge Key Use within Skyrest Bridge. Skyrest Bridge
Sunless Skein Key Access to a door connecting Lower Calrath to Sunless Skein. Sunless Skein
Tancred’s Key Used to open the lift back up the hall and to use to rise to the top the cleanse the beacon Tower of Penance

Lords of the Fallen Items

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