Journal Items – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)

List of Lords of the Fallen Journal

Name Icon Description Location
Erratic Journal Entry Portions of these notes and sketches betray an unsteadier hand than usual, Tacitus’ text occasionally garbled and confused, the numerous eyes scribbled hastily, while the focal drawing is that of a gaping abyss.
  • Cistern: When exploring the interconnected caverns and a series of scaffoldings and platforms. This is technically the start of the Revelation Depths area however, we include this section still under Cistern since we need to unlock a last shortcut later on that still leads to Sunless Skein. Follow the straightforward path here and you will find an Emergency Effigy. Continue traversing the path here and eventually, you will find a ladder that you can use to climb down to descend. After the ladder, notice that there is a loot near the beginning of the long wooden bridge. Get it to receive x1 Erratic Journal Entry.
Map of Abandoned Redcopse Tacitus’ notes and sketches relating to Redcopse, a seemingly once-bustling village which now lies in ruins; and, looming over the desolation, the grand Skyrest Bridge.
  • Can be found at the end of the path after defeating the Corrupted Pilgrim empowered by the Umbral Parasite (Abandoned Redcopse)
Map of Belled Rise Tacitus’ notes and sketches relating to a bell-marked path featuring a tall elevator leading to the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers, a Hallowed Sentinel stronghold and a destination which only a small percentage of pilgrims ever reach.
  • Skyrest Bridge: Purchase the Pilgrim’s Perch Key from Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis to receive the Map of Belled Rise.
Map of Bramis Castle Tacitus’ notes and sketches relating to Bramis Castle, focusing on its interior, where signs of its former glory such as old paintings and a large statue connected to complex machinery can be found alongside signs of its ruination, such as yet more Rhogar-created crystals.
  • Bramis Castle: From the Umbral Flowerbed up the stairs entering the Castle, continue along the path til yo have to reach a drop. Before the drop you can pick up the Map of Bramis Castle.
Map of Bramis Castle Barbican Tacitus’ notes and sketches relating to the Bramis Castle barbican, the ruined outwork revealing the aftermath of the Rhogar invasion on the formerly grand castle, including rivers of magma and crystal obstructions created by Inferno sorcery.
  • Bramis Castle: From the Umbral Flowerbed in the tower, continue down the path straight up until you reach the Damarose arena. Go up the fallen platform on the right and head into the area on the left. Next to some wooden boxes is the Map of Bramis Castle Barbican.
Map of Calrath Cistern Tacitus’ notes and sketches relating to the Calrath cistern, once the city’s central water supply, with direct access to Upper Calrath via an elevator. Later the cistern was put to other, darker uses, a fact to which its hanging cages attest.
  • Can be found at Sunless Skein
Map of Calrath Slums Tacitus’ notes and sketches relating to the Calrath slums, the most poverty-stricken section of the sprawling city. Alongside further depictions of the grim surroundings is an illustration of an entrance to the base of an imposing bridge.
  • Lower Calrath: In Lower Calrath, players will need to Soulflay a bridge to get across to reach the villages. You’ll pass the Village Umbral Flowerbed. Across the flowerbed, is a small ramp leading into the inner parts of the buildings also known as the Calrath Slums. These buildings are lined with wooden platforms that can be used to get around. Make your way across and there will be a building with an opening. In this first room, there will be an opening to another room through a broken wall and a set of stairs leading up. Take the stairs and you will be able to fine the Map of Calrath Slums in a pile of charred corpses just below the Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch.
Map of Fitzroy’s Gorge Tacitus’ notes and sketches relating to Fitzroy’s Gorge, a winding mountain pass formerly vital to trade and travel, connecting the city of Calrath to the outskirts of Mournstead and the wider Oathlands beyond.
  • Fitzroy’s Gorge: After activating the Vestige of the Pale Butcher and crossing the bridge ahead at the Forsaken Fen, while inside a cave you’ll eventually get to a metal gate blocking your way forward that you can bypass by using your Umbral Lamp. The Map of Fitzroy’s Gorge is unmissable as it is placed near the said gate before you enter Fitzroy’s Gorge premises.
Map of Forsaken Fen Tacitus’ notes and sketches relating to Forsaken Fen, a treacherous swamp bearing traces of a long-lost society, now inhabited by the deadly Shuja. Deep within the fen stands a colossal tree where one of the Hallowed Sentinels’ beacons can be found. Map of Forsaken Fen can be found in the following Location: Forsaken Fen – on a cliff near Thehk-Ihir when first entering the area.
Map of Lower Calrath Tacitus’ notes and sketches relating to the lower section of Calrath, the city devastated during the Rhogar invasion, the area now home to little but burning ruins, mangled corpses and symbols honouring Adyr.
  • Lower Calrath: From the Vestige of Sebastian, head out through the gap in the wall and then turn left. Head down the wooden planks to find a Heavenly Vial on a corpse near a banner. Head back up and then follow the path on the other side to jump and grab the Map of Lower Calrath on the raised wooden planks.
Map of Mournstead A map of Mournstead highlighting some of the most significant locations to be found within the ruined kingdom.
  • Can be found on the corpse immediately after the Vestige of Ranik (Abandoned Redcopse)
Map of Pilgrim’s Perch Ascent Some of Tacitus’ notes and sketches relating to Pilgrim’s Perch, the ramshackle settlement built onto a cliff face and inhabited by pilgrims who sought to join the Hallowed Sentinels but were rejected. Included amongst the sketches is a depiction of a wooden path ascending to a door flanked by bells.
  • Can be found on the dead body of an avowed, past Thehk-Ihir, drop to a wooden platform to fightsome Pilgrims and then drop to the lower platform (Abandoned Redcopse)
Map of Pilgrim’s Perch Descent More of Tacitus’ notes and sketches relating to Pilgrim’s Perch, detailing a descent towards a towering statue bearing a colossal bell, its origin lost to time save for the suggestion of some kind of connection to the Hallowed Sentinels’ ritual of the Sacred Resonance.
  • Can be found behind Byron (unnamed at the moment you meet him), in Pilgrim’s Perch.
Map of Sunless Skein Tacitus’ notes and sketches relating to Sunless Skein, the labyrinthine mine where the poor toiled to line the pockets of the rich, although operations have long since ceased save for a few sanity-deprived unfortunates who remain.
  • Upper Calrath A: In the final part of the Upper Calrath where there is a gate that can be raised with a lever.  Immediately after the gate is the Map of Sunless Skein on an open book. Follow the tunnels until the path forks. The path to the left leads to a door that you’ll need the Sunless Skein Key to open.
Map of Upper Calrath Tacitus’ notes and sketches relating to Upper Calrath, the home of Mournstead’s nobles and other wealthy elite, whose resources and power could not save them, their ashen bodies now still and silent in the eerie light of a Hallowed Sentinel beacon.
  • Upper Calrath B (accessed after completing the “Cistern” location): After going up the caged lift at the end of the Cistern in the Sunless Skein, past the Skinstealer, you’ll immediately find the Vestige of the Forgotten Guardian. Open the double doors to find yourself back in another section of Upper Calrath. On your left, you can find the Map of Upper Calrath amidst some petrified bodies.
Map of Upper Calrath Mining District Tacitus’ notes and sketches relating to the mining district of Upper Calrath, base of operations for those wealthy nobles and businesspeople who owned the Sunless Skein mining venture, a significant source of the city’s wealth, the district now home to little but horror and ashes.
  • Upper Calrath A: From the gate back to Lower Calrest, you’ll find some stairs leading up to the Vestige of Doln. Activate and use it as necessary. Enter the gate to the right of the Vestige. Before exiting out of the next gate, turn around and bypass the bars with your Umbral Lamp to pick up the Map of Upper Calrath Mining District.
Map of the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters Tacitus’ notes and sketches relating to the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters, second only to the Empyrean in terms of Hallowed Sentinel sacred ground, the rising path to the Empyrean including landmarks such as a cloister containing a large and blessed tree, and a bathhouse intended for purification.
  • Tower of Penance: After defeating Tancred Master of Castigations and Reinhold the Immured, head back out of the boss’ arena and into the middle of the tower. You can now unlock the door here with Tancred’s Key. Take the elevator past the door upwards and unlock the door back onto one of the floors with grate flooring. Interact with the lever on the elevator to go upwards even further, and you’ll emerge out onto the fourth Hallowed Sentinel beacon. Before cleansing it, you’ll find the Map of the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters on the opposite side of the area.
Map of the Empyrean Tacitus’ notes and sketches relating to the Empyrean, the Hallowed Sentinels’ seat of power and the dwelling place of their founder, the Cleric. The Judge herself is depicted in a drawing, along with her church.
  • The Empyrean: You will encounter an Abbess with her Radiant lasers after the a prayer to Orius scene in one of the intro areas. After the first set of stairs, you can head to the right side to find a gate you can bypass with the Umbral Lamp or by transitioning to Umbral to pick up the Map of the Empyrean.
Map of the Fief of the Chill Curse Tacitus’ notes and sketches relating to the fief of Kinrangr, unnaturally frozen in a cataclysmic incident involving the region’s Hallowed Sentinel beacon, the drawings including a concerningly large nest and a suggestion of something to be found beneath the surface of Kinrangr’s waters.
  • Fief of the Chill Curse: After using the Fief Key to unlock the gates from the windmill at Abandoned Redcopse, head up the hill and the Map of the Fief of the Chill Curse can be found at the entrance of the tunnel.
Map of the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers Tacitus’ notes and sketches relating to the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers, a place standing in the shadow of the nearby Tower of Penance, and whose descent into blood and darkness reflects the depraved mental state of its inhabitants. Drawings of keys hint at secrets to be uncovered within.
  • Manse of the Hallowed Brothers: You will encounter an area with two Avowed and a nearby Seething Vigor Skull. Defeat the two Avowed and pick up the Seething Vigor Skull from the corner. If you head further into this area you’ll eventually get to a dead end at a stone wall. Enter the Umbral and defeat the nearby Remnant, then you can soulflay the body ahead to weaken the Umbral Tumor off the ledge to your left. The item on the ledge is the Marksman Trousers. Jump down the ledge to get back on the main path and directly on your right will be the Map of the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers.
Map of the Tower of Penance Tacitus’ notes and sketches relating to the Tower of Penance, home to a beacon and a place where those imprisoned by the Hallowed Sentinels are made to suffer terribly for their perceived sins. The drawings suggest a descent deep into the ominous structure, followed by an ascent to its peak.
  • Tower of Penance: After picking up Jeffrey’s Dagger, continue following the path, up the stairs, and you’ll be able to jump back to the wooden platforms you took to get here. Follow it back to the ladder, where you’ll find an Emergence Effigy you can use to return to the Axiom. Head back up the ladder and continue circling around the tower. Eventually, you’ll find an elevator. Before you hop on, grab the Map of the Tower of Penance found opposite to the elevator.
Tacitus’ Journal A weathered journal, a number of its pages missing.

This journal belonged to Tacitus, a fearless explorer and cartographer who had travelled across the Oathlands and far beyond, eventually venturing into Mournstead only to seemingly never emerge from the kingdom.+

  • Can be found on the corpse immediately after the Vestige of Ranik, alongside the Map of Mournstead (Abandoned Redcopse)

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