Collisions – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)


  • Adjusted umbral platforms so players won’t get stuck between them in Bramis Castle.
  • Fixed a collision bug in Forsaken Fen to prevent skipping of Hushed Saint.
  • Fixed some asset collisions in Lower Calrath, making it possible both to clip and blocking the player from getting to the other side.
  • Changed collision presets for different blocking volumes that allowed projectiles to pass through in Redcopse’s Church catacombs.
  • Made the rotating stairs’ player collisions taller in Bramis Castle.
  • Collision tweaks in Forsaken Fen, near the vestige of the Pale Butcher.
  • Sunless Skein had some collisions that would not let projectiles pass in some narrow spaces. These have been fixed.
  • Bramis Castle has seen two places adjusted to prevent the player from getting stuck under certain conditions.
  • Bramis Castle collision fixes for an umbral bridge when transitioning from axiom.
  • Fief of the Chill Curse has seen some tweaked collisions in the cannon for smoother navigation.
  • Blocker fixed in Lower Calrath in the Smelter tower, where the player was getting stuck in a small area.
  • The player could get in and out of the game at the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters and get a bit stuck. Also, it could get floaty and have collision issues due to collisions, so blocking volumes were added to improve and block.
  • In Abbey of the Hallowed Sister, there was a corpse with the wrong collision. The collision has been removed and placed manually with structure detail so it doesn’t block the pick-up.
  • In the Cistern, an AI could get on top of the collision and get stuck while doing the charge attack.
  • There is a spot in Lower Calrath where the player can get stuck a bit due to a corpse on top of a table with block-all collision preset. The collision preset has been changed to structure detail, and now the player can move freely at that spot.
  • The waterfall cave at Pilgrim’s Perch had a rock with block-all that messed with the player’s navigation. The collision preset has been changed to structure detail so it doesn’t interfere with navigation, but the player can’t overlap with the rock.
  • Added blocking volumes to Fritzroy’s Gorge to improve navmesh and prevent enemies from getting stuck after falling in certain places.
  • Fief of the Chill Curse fix for collisions on the Canyon sublevel.

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