FFXIV Kadjaya’s Footsteps Painting

Kadjaya’s Footsteps Painting

A painting of Kadjaya’s Footsteps based off notes compiled from your sightseeing log.

Icon Name Vista # Location Emote
Kadjaya’s Footsteps 021 Thavnair – The Perfumed RiseKadjaya’s Footsteps (X22.6-Y19.7)
  • Material type: Painting
  • Rarity: Basic
  • Cost: 1,000 Gil
  • Sells to vendors for Gil: 30
  • Patch: 6.1
Kadjaya's Footsteps Painting

How to get Kadjaya’s Footsteps Painting?

Joyous Painter is a Hyur found in Idyllshire. You can purchase this item from him.

Vendor Location / Coordinates Cost
Joyous Painter
Purchase Paintings (Ilsabard)
Idyllshire (4.5, 6.4) 1,000x Gil

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Sightseeing Log: Kadjaya’s Footsteps

Impression: As I soaked in all that Thavnair had to offer, I found my gaze drawn in one particular direction. Entranced, I reached for my quill and parchment…

Description: Known as the mother of the Kriegstanz, Kadjaya is honored in both name and form at this open-air stage for dancers. Those who carry on her legacy perform here beneath her stone-carved likeness, strutting and twirling for the glory of their gods and ancestors.

Sightseeing Log: Kadjaya's Footsteps

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