Hire a Barbarian — Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 Resurrected "Crush your enemies" achievement: Hire a Barbarian.

Barbarians (Mercenary) are a type of Mercenary in Diablo 2. Barbarians (Mercenary) are melee attack followers that use One Hand Swords. They can be hired from Qual-Kehk at Harrogath. Mercenaries are special NPCs who act as companions who team up with our hero to fight the forces of evil in Sanctuary.

Diablo 2 Hire a Barbarian

You have to complete the act 5 mission 2(Rescue on Mount Arreat) to hire the barbarians.

  • To unlock Barbarians (Mercenary) you must first complete the Rescue on Mount Arreat Quest 
  • Can be hired from Qual-Kehk at Harrogath

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Barbarians (Mercenary) Description

  • Barbarians (Mercenary) are Melee Attack Mercenaries
  • Features the highest Defense and Life.
  • Each time a Barbarian (Mercenary) levels up, the follower gains +2 Strength, +1.5 Dexterity, +7.5 Defense, +1.5 Resistances, +12 Life

Act V Mercenaries: Barbarians

Similar to the Rogues of Act I, Harrogath’s Barbarians have been trying to fend off the demonic armies knocking on the outpost’s heavy doors.

To decimate their foes, they use the Barbarian skills Stun and Bash, which both add a great amount of combat control. For the longest time, the Desert Warriors of Act II outshined their Barbarian counterparts of Act V as the go-to melee mercenary pick. And while they can’t support players through powerful auras, they’re still a great pick if you’re in need of a front-liner with high life regen and total hitpoints.

Difficulty Type/Ability/Aura Level Range Equippable Items
Stun, Bash
Stun, Bash
Stun, Bash
(Barbarian) Helms, Armor, Swords
(Barbarian) Helms, Armor, Swords
(Barbarian) Helms, Armor, Swords

Act V: Barbarians & Tips

The Hirelings of Act V are available from Qual-Kehk in Harrogath once you have completed the Rescue the Barbarians quest. Unlike Kashya in Act One, he does not reward you with a free barbarian merc.

  • Skills: Bash and Stun
  • Allowed Equipment: Armor, Helms, Barbarian Class-specific Helms, One Sword (can’t dual wield).


  • Can use One Hand Swords (only one Sword at a time)
  • Can wear all type of Chest Armor and Helms
  • Can be equipped with Barbarian Class Helms


  • Only one Mercenary can be used at a time. If players hire a new one, the current follower and his/her equipment will be lost. So first remove Mercenary’s gear before hiring a new one.
  • Mercenaries can be resurrected at any time by visiting Mercenary Leader NPCs in each town. Resurrecting Mercenaries has a fee that increases as your Mercenary levels off.
  • Followers benefit from both the Magic Find Equipment they use along with the Hero’s Magic Find Equipment as both Magic Find Rate add up but only when the Mercenary kills enemies. It does not apply the other way around for your character.
  • Mercenaries gain experience from both your kills and theirs, but they will level up faster from experience obtained from their own kills
  • The top level Mercenaries can reach is level 98.

Barbarian Merc Names

The names are randomly assigned to each of the Barbarians when the hireling menu is generated. As with the other mercs, Blizzard North worked a lot of employee and friend names into the list of Barbarians, and honored a few fans as well. Varaya and Khan were two of the best known mod-makers from the days of Diablo, famed for their well-made Lord of the Rings-themed mods. Lanth was another of the early staff members of Diabloii.net, but earned his merc name by being a moderator in the Diabloii.net chat room, which was regularly frequented by Peter Hu (AKA Isolde, see the rogue merc names), the chief architect of the v1.10 patch, in which Lanth’s name was added. Lanth also contributed general gameplay feedback, quality of life improvements and other ideas to Peter, many of which made it into the v1.10 patch.

  • Varaya
  • Khan
  • Klisk
  • Bors
  • Brom
  • Wiglaf
  • Hrothgar
  • Scyld
  • Healfdane
  • Emund
  • Heorogar
  • Halgaunt
  • Hygelac
  • Egtheow
  • Bohdan
  • Wulfgar
  • Hild
  • Heatholaf
  • Bill
  • Theodoric
  • Weder
  • Vikhyat
  • Unferth
  • Sigemund
  • Heremod
  • Hengest
  • Folcwald
  • Frisian
  • Hnaef
  • Guthlaf
  • Oslaf
  • Yrmenlaf
  • Garmund
  • Freawaru
  • Eadgils
  • Onela
  • Damien
  • Erfor
  • Weohstan
  • Wulf
  • Bulwye
  • Lief
  • Magnus
  • Klatu
  • Drus
  • Hoku
  • Kord
  • Uther
  • Ip
  • Ulf
  • Tharr
  • Kaelim
  • Ulric
  • Alaric
  • Ethelred
  • Caden
  • Elgifu
  • Tostig
  • Alcuin
  • Sigurd
  • Gorm
  • Hollis
  • Ragnar
  • Torkel
  • Wulfstan
  • Alban
  • Barloc
  • Lanth

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