Helldivers 2 Purple Samples

Purple Samples, also known as Super Samples in Helldivers 2, are the rarest tier of sample in the game. They are essential for upgrading the most powerful Stratagems (special abilities) and are highly sought after by players. Here’s what you need to know to acquire them:

Difficulty is Crucial

  • Super Samples are exclusive to missions with a difficulty rating of 7 (Helldive) or higher. This means you’ll need to be a skilled player or have a well-coordinated team to tackle these challenging missions.

Black Obelisks

  • Your primary target for finding Super Samples should be Black Obelisks. These large, ominous structures are a guaranteed spawn point for Super Samples on Helldive difficulty missions. Look for a single Black Obelisk on the map and prioritize exploring the area around it.

Teamwork is Key

  • Communicate with your team to mark the Black Obelisk and coordinate your approach. Helldive difficulty missions are brutal, so sticking together and strategically utilizing your stratagems will increase your chances of success and acquiring the Super Samples.

Alternative Methods (Very Uncommon)

  • There’s an extremely small chance of finding Super Samples in lootable containers on Helldive difficulty missions. However, this is not a reliable method and should not be your primary focus.

Additional Tips

  • Preparation is Key: Ensure you and your team have the appropriate weapons, armor, and stratagems for Helldive difficulty missions before attempting to farm Super Samples.
  • Warbond Challenges (Uncommon): Some Warbond challenges may offer Super Samples as rewards, but these are uncommon and depend on the current Warbond season.
  • Focus Upgrades: Due to their rarity, use Super Samples strategically to upgrade the Stratagems that will have the most significant impact on your gameplay.

Remember, acquiring Super Samples is a challenging but rewarding experience in Helldivers 2. Don’t get discouraged if they don’t drop immediately. Focus on improving your skills, working as a team, and tackling the toughest missions, and those precious Super Samples will eventually be yours.

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