Governor of Poker 3 Viking Chest Odds

Introducing the Viking Chest, a thrilling limited edition chest available for purchase in the Governor of Poker 3 in-game shop. This special chest is designed to offer a blend of guaranteed prizes and the excitement of surprise bonuses. Embrace your inner Viking and explore the treasures that await within the Viking Chest. Here’s a detailed look at the potential rewards:

Viking Chest Contents

When you purchase a Viking Chest, you have a chance to receive one of the following surprises:

  • 1x Viking Balloon Entry Key (90% chance)
  • 1x Lucky Chest (8% chance)
  • 1x Viking Hats Chest (2% chance)

1x Viking Balloon Entry Key (90% chance)

The Viking Balloon Entry Key is the most likely reward, offering you access to exclusive balloon events where you can compete and showcase your poker skills.

1x Lucky Chest (8% chance)

The Lucky Chest is a special bonus that contains additional rewards, providing a secondary layer of excitement and value. Opening a Lucky Chest could yield further valuable items and enhance your gaming experience.

1x Viking Hats Chest (2% chance)

The Viking Hats Chest is a rare and coveted reward, featuring unique Viking-themed hats that can personalize your in-game avatar and demonstrate your status as a formidable player.

Why Choose the Viking Chest?

The Viking Chest is perfect for players who enjoy the thrill of chance and the possibility of obtaining rare and exclusive items. With a high probability of receiving the Viking Balloon Entry Key, and the tantalizing prospect of landing a Lucky Chest or Viking Hats Chest, this limited edition chest offers a unique and rewarding addition to your Governor of Poker 3 adventure.

How to Purchase

The Viking Chest is available for a limited time in the in-game shop. Don’t miss your chance to acquire these exclusive items and elevate your poker game with a touch of Viking flair. Head to the shop now, purchase a Viking Chest, and embark on your journey to conquer the poker tables with style and prowess.

Experience the excitement and rewards of the Viking Chest today in Governor of Poker 3!

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