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What are Missions?

Missions in Governor of Poker 3 (GoP3) are engaging tasks that players can complete to earn various rewards. Each area in the HUB has specific missions for the different saloons in that location. The complexity of the missions varies, and the more challenging the mission, the bigger the reward you receive upon completion.

Where Can I Find the Missions?

To access the missions, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Tick Icon: Located in the top bar of the game interface.
  2. Open the Mission Menu: Click the "Missions" tab, which is situated between the “Activity” and “Achievements” tabs.

Do the Missions Have a Time Limit?

There are two types of missions in GoP3:

  1. Regular Missions: These missions do not have a time limit and can be completed at your own pace. An orange tick indicates the presence of these non-limited-time missions.
  2. Special Event Missions: These missions are available during special events and come with a time limit. A purple tick signifies the availability of limited-time missions for the location. The time limit for these missions is displayed next to them.

Can I Work on Different Missions at the Same Time?

Yes, you can progress on multiple missions simultaneously. This allows you to maximize your efficiency and rewards. Additionally, if you click on the "PLAY" button associated with a mission, you will be taken directly to the relevant location to complete that mission.

What are the Rewards for Completing the Missions?

Completing missions in GoP3 can earn you a variety of rewards, including:

  • Chips: The main currency in the game.

  • Gold: Another valuable currency.

  • XP (Experience Points): Helps you level up in the game.

  • Spin Tokens: For bigger missions, you may receive spin tokens that can be used in various in-game events or activities.


Missions in Governor of Poker 3 are a fantastic way to earn rewards while enhancing your gameplay experience. By completing tasks specific to different saloons and areas in the HUB, you can accumulate chips, gold, XP, and even spin tokens. Regular missions can be completed at your own pace, while special event missions must be finished within a specified time frame. Access your missions through the tick icon, and start completing them to reap the rewards!

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