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In the popular online poker game, Governor of Poker 3 (GoP3), players have the opportunity to spin the Minor Loyalty Jackpot Wheel and win various amounts of chips. This feature is available to players at all levels, offering them the chance to boost their chip counts significantly. Below are the detailed odds and rewards associated with the Minor Loyalty Jackpot Wheel:

1. Jackpot Tier: $500,000 Chips or More

  • Chance to Win: 8.58%
  • Details: This is the highest reward tier on the Minor Jackpot Wheel. Players who land on this tier will receive a substantial amount of chips, at least $500,000 or possibly more. With odds of 8.58%, it’s a rare but exciting reward for any player.

2. Mid-tier Reward: $200,000 Chips or More

  • Chance to Win: 70.51%
  • Details: The majority of players will land in this tier, which offers a significant reward of at least $200,000 chips. With a high probability of 70.51%, this is the most common outcome and provides a generous boost to players’ chip stacks.

3. Guaranteed Reward: $50,000 Chips or More

  • Chance to Win: 100%
  • Details: Every spin is guaranteed to win at least $50,000 chips. This tier ensures that every player walks away with a reward, making every spin worth the effort.


The Minor Loyalty Jackpot Wheel in Governor of Poker 3 offers enticing rewards for players at all levels. Whether you land on the jackpot tier with a chance to win $500,000 chips or more, the mid-tier with a high probability of winning $200,000 chips or more, or the guaranteed base reward of $50,000 chips or more, every spin promises a valuable prize.

Spin the wheel and boost your chip count today in Governor of Poker 3!

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