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What is a Loyalty Jackpot and How Does It Work?

The Loyalty Jackpot is an exciting new feature in Governor of Poker 3 that rewards dedicated players with the chance to win big. There are three types of Jackpots: Minor, Major, and Grand. To spin the wheel for any of these Jackpots, you need to accumulate Loyalty Points, which can be earned through Daily Activities and in-game purchases.

Types of Jackpots and Requirements

  1. Minor Jackpot

    • Loyalty Points Needed: 250
    • Jackpot Amount: Fixed at 100 million chips
  2. Major Jackpot

    • Loyalty Points Needed: 1000
    • Starting Jackpot Amount: 1 billion chips, can grow up to 5 billion chips
  3. Grand Jackpot

    • Loyalty Points Needed: 3500
    • Starting Jackpot Amount: 10 billion chips, can grow up to 50 billion chips

The larger the Jackpot, the more Loyalty Points required to spin the wheel. Alongside the chance to win the Jackpot, each wheel also offers other prizes. The odds of winning higher prizes increase with the higher-tier wheels.

Jackpot Reset Mechanism

When someone wins the Major or Grand Jackpot, and it has grown beyond the starting amount, it resets to the base level for everyone. For instance, if the Major Jackpot has grown to 5 billion chips and a player wins it, the Jackpot resets to 1 billion chips.

Tracking Your Progress

Your progress towards the Loyalty Jackpot is displayed on a progress bar, showing how many points you’ve collected and how many are needed for each wheel. You can choose to spin the Minor, Major, or Grand wheel when you have enough points, or save points to spin a higher-tier wheel for better prizes. Spinning any wheel will use all your accumulated Loyalty Points, resetting your count to zero.

Daily Loyalty Points and Claiming Spins

Under the progress bar, there are two key buttons:

  1. Claim Daily Free Loyalty Points: Collect free points every day to help you towards your next spin.
  2. Spin a Wheel: Use your accumulated points to spin either the Minor, Major, or Grand wheel, provided you have enough points.

Earning Loyalty Points

There are two primary ways to earn Loyalty Points (LP):

  1. Daily Activities:

    • Earn 5 LP by collecting the 4th Daily Chest.
    • Earn 7 LP by collecting the 6th Daily Chest (achieved by earning 100 Daily Activity Points).
    • Note: Weekly Chests (300 & 600 points) do not award LP.
  2. In-App Purchases:

    • LP can also be earned through in-app purchases. The amount of LP awarded is displayed next to the purchase price button.

Winners of the Loyalty Jackpot

Winners of the Loyalty Jackpot will be showcased on the ticker below the Top Bar, similar to the winners of the biggest Jackpots in the Balloon and Statue Events. This allows everyone to see who has recently hit it big.


The Loyalty Jackpot is a thrilling addition to Governor of Poker 3, offering players more ways to win big while engaging in their favorite activities. Collect Loyalty Points, complete Daily Activities, make in-app purchases, and spin your way to massive chip rewards. Whether aiming for the Minor, Major, or Grand Jackpot, every spin brings excitement and the potential for huge prizes!

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