Governor of Poker 3: Halloween Chests Odds & Coffin Chest Unveiled

Exploring the Halloween Chests

In the festive spirit of Halloween, Governor of Poker 3 introduces limited edition Halloween Chests that players can purchase from the in-game shop. These chests come in three thrilling tiers—Coffin, Super Coffin, and Supreme Coffin—each offering a mix of guaranteed prizes and exciting surprises. Let’s delve into the contents and odds of each Halloween Chest tier.

Coffin Chest

The Coffin Chest is the first tier of Halloween Chests, designed to offer a range of surprises with varying probabilities:

  1. Diamond Ticket

    • Probability: 92%
    • Description: The Diamond Ticket is the most common reward in the Coffin Chest. With a 92% chance of being awarded, this ticket grants players access to exclusive games and high-stakes tournaments, enhancing their gameplay opportunities.
  2. Diamond Entry Key

    • Probability: 5%
    • Description: With a 5% chance of being awarded, the Diamond Entry Key is a valuable item that allows players to enter premium diamond-level events, providing multiple chances to win big.
  3. Legacy Halloween Hats

    • Probability: 2%
    • Description: These rare Legacy Halloween Hats, with a 2% chance of being obtained, are special cosmetic items that give players a unique and festive look, celebrating the Halloween spirit.
  4. Multi XL Spin

    • Probability: 1%
    • Description: The rarest item in the Coffin Chest, the Multi XL Spin, has a 1% chance of being awarded. This spin type multiplies potential winnings, offering a significant boost to in-game currency and rewards.

Super Coffin Chest

The Super Coffin Chest is the second tier, offering higher-value items and a mix of exciting rewards:

  1. Sapphire Ticket

    • Probability: 65%
    • Description: The Sapphire Ticket, with a 65% chance of being awarded, provides access to exclusive games and special tournaments, enhancing the player’s chances of winning substantial prizes.
  2. Diamond Entry Key

    • Probability: 20%
    • Description: With a 20% chance of being awarded, the Diamond Entry Key is a highly desirable item that grants players entry into premium diamond-level events.
  3. Multi XL Spin

    • Probability: 9%
    • Description: With a 9% chance of being awarded, the Multi XL Spin multiplies potential winnings, significantly boosting the player’s progress in the game.
  4. Legacy Halloween Hats

    • Probability: 5%
    • Description: These special hats, with a 5% chance of being obtained, add a unique and festive touch to the player’s avatar, celebrating Halloween in style.
  5. Triple Multi XL Spin

    • Probability: 1%
    • Description: The rarest reward in the Super Coffin Chest, the Triple Multi XL Spin, has a 1% chance of being awarded and offers three spins with the Multi XL Spin, multiplying potential winnings even further.

Supreme Coffin Chest

The Supreme Coffin Chest is the highest tier, offering the most valuable and rarest items:

  1. Double Sapphire Tickets

    • Probability: 82%
    • Description: With an 82% chance of being awarded, receiving two Sapphire Tickets provides players with multiple entries into exclusive games and special tournaments.
  2. Legacy Halloween Hats

    • Probability: 10%
    • Description: These rare cosmetic items, with a 10% chance of being obtained, give players a unique look that celebrates the Halloween spirit.
  3. Multi XL Spin

    • Probability: 5%
    • Description: This item, with a 5% chance of being awarded, multiplies potential winnings, boosting the player’s in-game currency and rewards.
  4. Quintuple Multi XL Spin

    • Probability: 3%
    • Description: The rarest reward in the Supreme Coffin Chest, the Quintuple Multi XL Spin, has a 3% chance of being awarded and offers five spins with the Multi XL Spin, providing a substantial opportunity to maximize winnings.


The Halloween Chests in Governor of Poker 3 offer a festive and exciting way for players to enhance their gaming experience. Each tier—Coffin, Super Coffin, and Supreme Coffin—provides a unique mix of valuable items and thrilling surprises. Understanding the odds and potential rewards can help players strategize and make informed decisions, maximizing their benefits and enjoying the spooky festivities. Whether aiming for the commonly found Diamond Tickets or hoping to strike it lucky with the elusive Multi XL Spins, the Halloween Chests provide a thrilling opportunity to elevate your gameplay.

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