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What is the BUBBLE in Poker Tournaments?

In Governor of Poker 3 (GoP3), the term "BUBBLE" refers to the critical stage in a poker tournament where only one player needs to be eliminated before the remaining players secure a spot in the money (ITM – In The Money). The player who finishes just outside the payout positions is said to be “on the bubble.”

Meaning and Importance of the BUBBLE

  1. Defining the Bubble:

    • The bubble is the point at which the next eliminated player will not receive any prize money, while all remaining players will.
    • For example, if a tournament has 450 players and the top 45 are paid, the 46th place finisher is "the bubble."
  2. Psychological Pressure:

    • The bubble phase is highly stressful for players as everyone is trying to avoid being the last one eliminated before the payouts begin.
    • Players often adjust their strategies to either capitalize on this pressure or to protect their own tournament life.

Strategies During the BUBBLE

  1. Tight Play:

    • For Short Stacks: Players with low chip counts often adopt a tight strategy, playing fewer hands to avoid risk and hoping to survive until the bubble bursts.
    • For Big Stacks: Players with larger chip stacks may also play conservatively to ensure they don’t lose their advantageous position.
  2. Aggressive Play:

    • For Medium to Large Stacks: Some players use their chip advantage to bully others, exploiting the cautious play of those trying to survive the bubble.
    • Pressure Tactics: Aggressive players might raise and re-raise frequently, forcing others to make difficult decisions for their tournament lives.

Example Scenario Involving the BUBBLE

  1. Tournament Setup:

    • Total Players: 450
    • Payout Positions: Top 45 players
  2. Bubble Situation:

    • Current Position: 46 players remain.
    • Next Elimination: The next player eliminated will receive no prize, while the remaining 45 players are guaranteed a payout.
  3. Player Strategies:

    • Short Stack Strategy: A player with a small stack tightens up, folding marginal hands to avoid elimination.
    • Big Stack Strategy: A player with a large stack raises aggressively, trying to steal blinds and apply pressure on the shorter stacks.

Psychological and Emotional Aspects of the BUBBLE

  • Tension and Anxiety: The bubble phase is marked by heightened tension and anxiety as players strive to avoid being the last one out before the money.

  • Relief and Joy: Once the bubble bursts, there is often a collective sense of relief and joy among the remaining players who have secured a payout.

  • Disappointment: The player who busts on the bubble may feel significant disappointment, having come so close to making the money but falling just short.


In Governor of Poker 3, the bubble is a crucial stage in a tournament where the next player eliminated will miss out on the prize money, while the remaining players will secure a payout. Understanding the dynamics and strategies of the bubble phase can help players navigate this tense period effectively, using either tight or aggressive play to their advantage. Successfully surviving the bubble can significantly increase a player’s chances of advancing further in the tournament and securing higher payouts.

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