Forgotten Grotto

Forgotten Grotto is an Expedition Logbook Expedition Logbook underground area.

  • Location: Expedition Logbook Expedition Logbook
  • Logbook Site: Battleground Graves(Search), Karui Wargraves(Search), Mountainside(Search), Scrublands(Search), Shipwreck Reef(Search), Vaal Temple(Search), Volcanic Island(Search).

It is a hidden area and you can press the Tab key to find it. The following is the icon.

Name Icon
Expedition Cavern Entrance(Underground Area)

PoE Expedition Underground

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Forgotten Grotto Logbook Site

Logbook Sites Search from Path of Exile Trade Area Name Dialogue
Battleground Graves Search Spectral Hollow, Forgotten Grotto, Alluring Pool, Chittering Chamber I’m intrigued by this Eternal Empire. I’d call them not quite Eternal since they’re all dead now, but since so many of them are still walking around as shamblers, perhaps they were aptly named. Care to explore one of their ancient sites, Exile?
Karui Wargraves Search Spectral Hollow, Forgotten Grotto, Alluring Pool, Chittering Chamber This expedition might take us through a Karui site. Now those are an honourable people I’d very much like to get to know. I’ve spent my life in search of renown, so their Way intrigues me. Shall we learn all we can, Exile?
Mountainside Search Fortified Redoubt, Heroic Tomb, Forgotten Grotto I don’t know much about the Maraketh, but this logbook’s landmarks might have us treading on one of their ancient sites. I think we can get away with it if we’re quick. It’s up to you, Exile.
Scrublands Search Forgotten Grotto, Alluring Pool, Chittering Chamber I’m not sure I understand what I’m translating. At least one of the locations mentioned in this logbook belonged to a tribe of ‘men of no name’ who worshipped the bones of a specific kind of long-dead beast whose description makes no sense to me. Your continent is strange. Interested in exploring that area, Exile?
Shipwreck Reef Search Spectral Hollow, Forgotten Grotto, Alluring Pool The terrain clues from this logbook could potentially take us to a location once inhabited by Sirens. Sounds like a myth to me, but myths usually contain a kernel of truth. Perhaps I’ll stuff my ears to avoid their supposedly enchanting songs. We could then investigate and see the truth for ourselves. What do you say, Exile?
Vaal Temple Search Heroic Tomb, Forgotten Grotto I’m not a treasure-seeker by nature, but this one tempts even me. The logbook describes mountains of gold found in Vaal cities filled with colourfully dressed shamblers. Mountains of gold. Mountains… of gold… Do you think they’re still there? Let’s find out. Unless you want to travel to other less interesting sites for some reason…
Volcanic Island Search Spectral Hollow, Forgotten Grotto This expedition might take us through a Karui site. Now those are an honourable people I’d very much like to get to know. I’ve spent my life in search of renown, so their Way intrigues me. Shall we learn all we can, Exile?

List of Expedition Areas

Area Name Expedition Logbook Expedition Logbook Sites
Alluring Pool Battleground Graves, Karui Wargraves, Shipwreck Reef, Scrublands
Chittering Chamber Battleground Graves, Karui Wargraves, Bluffs, Rotting Temple, Cemetery, Forest Ruins, Utzaal Outskirts, Scrublands
Forgotten Grotto Battleground Graves, Karui Wargraves, Shipwreck Reef, Mountainside, Vaal Temple, Scrublands, Volcanic Island
Fortified Redoubt Rotting Temple, Cemetery, Dried Riverbed, Mountainside, Desert Ruins
Heroic Tomb Cemetery, Mountainside, Forest Ruins, Desert Ruins, Vaal Temple
Lost Sanctum Bluffs, Rotting Temple, Cemetery, Dried Riverbed, Utzaal Outskirts
Mushroom Thicket Bluffs, Rotting Temple, Forest Ruins, Utzaal Outskirts
Noxious Gutter Rotting Temple, Sarn Slums, Dried Riverbed, Utzaal Outskirts
Sandy Vestige Bluffs, Rotting Temple, Sarn Slums, Dried Riverbed, Desert Ruins
Spectral Hollow Battleground Graves, Karui Wargraves, Shipwreck Reef, Volcanic Island

Challenge: Unearth Expedition Areas (9)

Unearth and enter each of the following areas in Logbook Expeditions.

  • Chittering Chamber
  • Forgotten Grotto
  • Fortified Redoubt
  • Heroic Tomb
  • Lost Sanctum
  • Mushroom Thicket
  • Noxious Gutter
  • Sandy Vestige
  • Spectral Hollow

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