FFXIV Wind-up Halone Minion FF14

How to get Wind-up Halone minion in FFXIV

Wind-up Halone is a new minion in FFXIV 6.3.

  • Source: Euphrosyne

FF14 Wind-up Halone Information

Behavior Obedient
Tradeable No
Description Summon your wind-up Halone minion. For those who like it icy cold.
Journal While traveling through the snow in search of awe-inspiring beauty, a goldsmith inadvertently wandered into the phantom realm. Though unsure if the cold had addled his mind, he later crafted this automaton based on the woman he glimpsed within, imbuing it with her imposing grace.
Tooltip You must do better than that against me!
– Halone

FFXIV Wind-up Halone

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