FFXIV Wind-up Cagnazzo Minion FF14

How to get Wind-up Cagnazzo minion in FFXIV

Wind-up Cagnazzo is a new minion in FFXIV 6.3.

  • Source: Lapis Manalis

FF14 Wind-up Cagnazzo Information

Behavior Obedient
Tradeable Yes
Description Summon your wind-up Cagnazzo minion. The puddles and ponds are his to command.
Journal In his single-minded pursuit of mighty foes, Cagnazzo tasked one of his minions with creating a being in his likeness. The result was this automaton, which, needless to say, disappointed the archfiend of water. Its maker was never seen again.
Tooltip You’d best not disappoint!
– Cagnazzo

FFXIV Wind-up Cagnazzo

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