FXIV Wind-up Aidoneus Minion FF14

How to get Wind-up Aidoneus minion in FFXIV

Wind-up Aidoneus is a new minion in FFXIV 6.3.

  • Source: The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon

FF14 Wind-up Aidoneus Information

Behavior Obedient
Tradeable Yes
Description Summon your wind-up Aidoneus minion. If sighs could kill, you’d be dead a thousand times over.
Journal There once was a man whose ability to see and channel aether was unrivaled. With his singular talent, he kept watch over the Underworld, the place whereto all departed souls return, and solemnly served the star. This mammet was made in his honor.
Tooltip My ideals are inviolate. Invincible.
– Unwavering Ancient

FFXIV Wind-up Aidoneus

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