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Ishgardian Restoration Updates in FFXIV 5.5

Thanks to the tireless efforts of skybuilders one and all, the Risensong Quarter now stands complete, bringing the restoration effort to a triumphant close. As a new age dawns in Ishgard, luminaries from across Eorzea have been invited to the Firmament to take part in a ceremony commemorating this momentous occasion.

Ishgardian Restoration Updates

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By participating in the Ishgardian Restoration, Disciples of the Hand and Land can join forces to help reconstruct the Firmament, a district in Foundation yet to recover from the ravages of the Dragonsong War.

Though Ishgard was not built in a day, her people are not wont to deny helping hands that might hasten their efforts. Be it the gathering of raw materials or the fashioning of supplies, one and all are welcome to help lay the cornerstone of a new Ishgard.

Ishgardian Restoration Updates


Complete the quest Towards the Firmament

  • Level: 60
  • Location: Foundation (X:9.7 Y:11.5) in Ishgard
  • Starting NPC: Recruitment Notice
  • Players must first complete the quest Litany of Peace

Ishgardian Restoration Guides

The reconstruction of the Firmament demands a large amount of materials specific to the project. Disciples of the Land are tasked with gathering these materials, which are used by Disciples of the Hand to craft the necessary supplies.

Upon unlocking Ishgardian Restoration, Disciples of the Hand or the Land of level 20 or above may speak with Potkin in the Firmament (X:12.2 Y14.6) to have project-specific crafting recipes and gathering points added to their logs.

  • Crafting recipes can only be viewed by Disciples of the Hand who have reached level 20.

Ishgardian Restoration Guide

Materials used in the restoration are special items that are always gathered or crafted as collectables.

Materials can be delivered to Potkin in the Firmament (X:12.2 Y:14.6) in exchange for Skybuilders’ Scrips and experience points. Every item contributed adds to the stockpile.

  • Your current skybuilders’ scrip total can be viewed from the Currency window.

Ishgardian Restoration Guides

When sufficient supplies have been stockpiled, a collaborative task known as concerted works will be scheduled. The details of upcoming works can be found on the skybuilders’ board.

  • The restoration effort is carried out independently on each World, and as such the stockpile is also managed separately. Contributions made while visiting another World will count towards that World’s stockpile.

Concerted Works

Concerted works are collaborative tasks that see Disciples of the Hand and Land join forces to rebuild a certain part of the Firmament.

Concerted works begin automatically when the appointed hour arrives.

Depending on the objective of the works, participants will be required to perform various tasks, such as transporting and processing materials and erecting structures.

FFXIV Concerted works

When the progress bar is filled, the works will be completed, and skybuilders’ scrips and experience points will be awarded based on contribution.

Completed works will usher in a small change to the Firmament. As the restoration effort progresses, the opportunity will arise to participate in large-scale works that will bring about dramatic changes.

Skybuilders’ Board

On the skybuilders’ board, situated in the Firmament (X11.4 Y:14.1), you will find information such as reconstruction status and the details of upcoming concerted works.

FFXIV skybuilders' board

The board will receive updates as the project progresses, so be sure to check it regularly.

FFXIV skybuilders' board

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