FFXIV In Shadow’s Wake

In Shadow's Wake is a FFXIV Endwalker main scenario quest. The watcher would discuss grave matters with you. — In-game description.

In Shadow's Wake

Level Guide Objectives
  • Quest giver: The Watcher
  • Location: Mare Lamentorum (X:15.9, Y:31.0)
  • Experience:  475,200
  • Gil:  1,170
  • Guaranteed: Phrygian Weapon Coffer
  • Previous quest: The Martyr
  • Next quest: Helping Hands
  1. Search for your comrades at the Watcher's Palace.
  2. Inspect the dimly glowing crystal.
  3. Inspect the faintly glowing crystal.
  4. Inspect the warmly glowing crystal.
  5. Inspect the brightly glowing crystal.
  6. Speak with Y'shtola.

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