Faded Memories – Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV Quest Faded Memories is a level 80 main scenario quest. Thancred is eager to get to work. Category: Main Scenario (Shadowbringers) ⇒ Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests ⇒ The Voyage Home.

  • Quest giver: Thancred
  • Location: The Crystarium (X:12.0, Y:11.2)
  • Requirements Class/Job: Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) Lv. 80
  • Mobs Involved: Ardbert
Faded Memories


  1. Speak with the idle shipwright at Venmont Yards.
  2. Enter the aetherial stream(Upon entry solo duty will comence).
    • Follow Elidibus
    • Defeat Ardbert
  3. Speak with Y’shtola.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers- Faded Memories (Solo Instance)

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NPC Locations

NPCs Involved: Urianger, Alphinaud, Alisaie, Ryne, Idle Shipwright, Y’shtola.

Name Area
Idle Shipwright Kholusia
(X:11.5 Y:33.5)
Alisaie The Crystarium
(X:12.0 Y:11.1)
Alphinaud The Crystarium
(X:12.0 Y:11.1)
Ryne The Crystarium
(X:12.0 Y:11.2)
Urianger The Crystarium
(X:12.0 Y:11.2)
Y’shtola The Tempest
(X:13.5 Y:37.1)


  • While he and the others tend to the black-masked Ascians, Thancred bids you join Y’shtola at Anamnesis Anyder as a precautionary measure. To get there, you will need to secure a boat at Venmont Yards─just as soon as you’ve doled out Tataru’s bread, that is.
  • At Venmont Yards, a shipwright recognizes you at once and happily agrees to ready a boat for you. ※In the event that you leave the instance, you may reenter by speaking with the idle shipwright.
  • To your dismay, you arrive at Anyder to find Y’shtola unconscious. Before you can go to her aid, however, Elidibus appears and spirits her away. If you want your comrade back, it seems you must treat the Ascian to a demonstration of your strength. With no other recourse, you grit your teeth and prepare to enter the aetherial stream.
  • You ride the aether to emerge in Emet-Selch’s phantom Amaurot, where Elidibus instructs you to fight your way to the Capitol. The trial pits you against recreations of myriad faces from your past, and at the last the Ascian himself enters the fray in the guise of Ardbert─yet it soon becomes plain that even he is overmatched.
  • No sooner does your trial conclude than Y’shtola arrives at your side, having apparently freed herself. Gazing upon Elidibus with a mixture of pity and scorn, she proceeds to expose him for what he truly is: a primal, granted strength by the desire for salvation. Thus has he sought to inspire the masses to rise up as Warriors of Light. Unmoved, the Ascian coolly confirms Y’shtola’s theories, but when she subsequently questions whether the many voices that sustain him have irrevocably changed his own, his expression hardens. No matter how much he should forget, he declares, he will always remember his duty. With that, he vanishes, but not before serving notice of his intent to gain the power to defeat you.
  • The danger now passed, you finally have the chance to apprise Y’shtola of recent events. Having listened to your tale, she goes to collect her possessions from Anyder in preparation for your journey to Eulmore.


  • Experience: FFXIV Experience 0
  • Gil: FFXIV Gil 2,970

Quest Progression

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The First ► Norvrandt (Landmass) ► Norvrandt ► The Crystarium ► The Exedra

When our grandfather first decided to journey to Eorzea, Alisaie did not take kindly to my silence on the subject. “Don't pretend to understand things you don't,” she said...or rather shouted.Having oft been the object of her scorn, I am predisposed to sympathize with the Exarch, but I do understand how she feels─better now than ever I did, certainly.
I'm sorry, I know it was childish to storm off like that. And probably to feel the way I do as well. Agh, pull yourself together, Alisaie!
It's stupid, but I've never really stopped to think about what would happen once the vessels were complete. And now...No. There's no point. I...I hope the test is a success. Truly.
Lest there be any doubt, the Exarch hath long been aware of the possibilities he but recently unfolded to us. Wherefore he did refrain from sharing them until now, I cannot say.
Right then! While the Exarch literally pours his own sweat and blood into his allotted task, it seems only fair that we attend to our own.
Dealing with Elidibus and his minions.
Just so. And there is one other matter.

In light of our deteriorating health, Y'shtola should not be left alone at Anyder. Might I trouble you to visit her, Forename? See that all is well?

I would go myself, but I think she might be safer in the hands of one less prone to collapsing.

My thanks. You may leave the Ascians to us.

Once they are out of the way, we will retire to Eulmore. And when Y'shtola has finished plumbing the depths, I'd like the two of you to join us there.
If you are bound for Anyder, I suggest you go via Venmont Yards. Our friends there will be glad to provide a boat for you.
Let us be on our way, then. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
What will you say?
Wait, I have a gift for you, from Tataru. I have a delivery from the Source, kupo! Courtesy of one Tataru Taru.
From Tataru, you say? Whatever could it be...?
You're a long way from home, moogle. And this is from Tataru, is it? Whatever could it be...?
Archon loaf, thou sayest? Why, even to hear the name doth transport me to times long past...
Bread from another world!? May I try some?
Mayest thou, child? Thou must! ...That said, though I personally disagree with the consensus, I do nonetheless advise thee to temper thine expectations.
Wiser words have never been uttered.
Though it rarely darkened our dining table at home, I can attest that it was standard fare at the Studium. Indeed, a slice was never far from our peers' hands.
Alphinaud, you really are an unbearable snob sometimes, do you know that?
What I believe my colleagues are trying to say is that we appreciate the gesture. Tell Tataru we'll do our best to return before she's forced to seek further supplementary employment.
Right, let's really be off now. We can find a drink to wash down the bread on the way.

The First ► Norvrandt (Landmass) ► Norvrandt ► Kholusia ► Shadow Fault ► The Split Hull

Idle Shipwright
Oho, if it ain't the Warrior of Darkness himself! What brings you to these parts?Headin' out to sea, eh? But of course we'd be happy to help! Just say the word, and I'll ready a boat.
Travel to Anyder?
Place an answer Here

The First ► Norvrandt (Landmass) ► Norvrandt ► Anamnesis Anyder (Zone) ► Anamnesis ► Noesis

Excellent. I had intended to speak with you alone.

None of my doing, lest you misunderstand. The link between her body and soul wavers.

I know not what you hoped to find here, but it will avail you naught to learn of our past.

Convocation Speaker
Reviewing the records yet again? Really? You worry too much Elidibus.

This dedication to your duty verges on obsession.

Convocation Member
To think some thought you ill-suited for the role. How wrong they were.

But come, turn your gaze outside the window, my friend. The rains have ceased, and we have been graced with another beautiful day.

It fades. Fades away into oblivion. Does the would no longer have need of me?

No. I am Elidibus. And I must—I will fuifill my duty.

Sundered though you may be, you fought for the world's salvation. For hope.


Ahhh, it swells within me. Empowers me. Now—now I may carry out my mission.

And yet...

Why do I yearn for this? Why do I struggle so?

I shall take her into my safekeeping. If you want her back, you will do as I ask.

Show me you strength. I would take your measure.

I have prepared a suitable arena. You need but ride the flow of aether.

The First ► Norvrandt (Landmass) ► Norvrandt ► The Tempest

You are familiar with this place, I believe. This...remembered Amaurot.Proceed to the Capitol. I shall return your comrade to you there.
What will you say?
Enough of this! I tire of your games.
You speak as if you were disappointed in me. Why?

I am your enemy, and you mine. Our goals are in conflict, and we are fated to clash.

Or had you hoped that feigned sympathy and false understanding would cast your crimes in a less reprehensible light? That I would come to look upon you as a friend?

You who have slaughtered my people. Who would tear down everything we have built.

You do not deny it, then. Very well, let us change the cast of this trial. You will know what you have stolen from us.

But do not imagine I crave remorse. Only justice.
An impressive show of strength.But surely no more than a foretaste of that which Emet-Selch's conqueror is capable.
Such might requires a fairer measure. To compare like with like. Yes...I shall just have to test you myself.
Come on, Forename! Show me what you can do!

The First ► Norvrandt (Landmass) ► Norvrandt ► The Tempest ► Amaurot ► The Capitol

You have grown stronger since last we fought.

The result of your trials in the First, no doubt.

Have you finished?
My apologies. I freed myself as soon as I awoke, but rather too late, I see.

Now, Elidibus, if you have ceased trading blows, I would trade words with you.

I have a theory, you see—one concerning that which you seek to accomplish.

It stems from who—or rather what—you truly are: a primal.

The ancients created Zodiark to deliver the star from destruction.

If the magick that brought Him forth is the precursor of what we know as summoning, then Zodiark would have been instilled with a presiding desire...

I found it among the records at Anyder. And it came as no surprise. Were I faced with the world's destruction, I too would wish for the same...


I know that you sacrificed yourself to become Zodiark's heart.

How you came to be separated from Him is less clear...

But if you are a fragment of His being, it stands to reason a desire for the world's salvation would drive you.

And thus did you seek to inspire the masses to rise up as Warriors of Light, going so far as to use Ardbert as a symbol of hope.

Correct on all counts. Such is my nature, and such are my methods.

I have aided heroes. I have made them. I have even become them.

This served not only to strengthen me, but also to facilitate the work of my brothers, such as Emet-Selch, with his penchant for nation builiding.

Then you will be all too familier with the fickleness of mankind.

We change. We forget. And what little we do remember becomes twisted and fragmented over time. For which reason, you deem us unfit to carry on your legacy.

But are you yourself free of these foibles? As the last witness of the Final Days, do you remember everything that was lost? Or even the things you cared about?

Get to the point.
A primal is shaped by the hope that fuels it. Even should this hope be something as simple as the world's salvation, it is the collective desire of innumerable disparate souls crying out for deliverance.

Having drawn your strength from such cacophony of voice, can you truly be sure you still speak with your own?

Your question is irrelevant.

No matter how much I should change, no matter how much I should forget, I shall ever remember my duty.

At times I stand with my brethren. At times I stand against them. All that I might steer mankind and the very star upon their true course.

For Elidibus is my name. And my mission. Guiding my every deed.

But enough talk. You have shown me sufficient proof of your might.

As I am now, I would struggle to defeat you. Yet I have still to play all of my cards.

If I could offer you some semblance of sport, your lessers would pose no threat to me. Would you not agree, Warrior of Darkness?

The First ► Norvrandt (Landmass) ► Norvrandt ► The Tempest ► Amaurot ► The Capitol

It has been an eventful morning─if indeed it is morning. I've no idea how long I was unconscious.

Regardless, I am gratified to see that my efforts at Anyder have borne fruit. We have confirmed the nature of our foe and his plot.

Now then, what news from the surface?

I see. Then let us make for Eulmore at once. We have much to share with our comrades, Elidibus's parting threat not least of all.

Ah, but forgive me. It would seem my belongings did not accompany me here. I will need to retrieve them from Anyder.

With luck, the aetherial stream you traversed still lingers. I won't be long.

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