Endless Night PoE

Endless Night is a divination card. A set of seven can be exchanged for a unique Maloney’s Mechanism. Drop Level: 68.

Outcome Amount Divination Card
Maloney’s Mechanism
Rarity: Unique
7 Endless Night

Flavor Text: The sun shines not for me. I walk in darkness, never free. Time stopped when you both died in my arms.

Maloney’s Mechanism

Maloney’s Mechanism is a unique Ornate Quiver. Quivers.

Requires Level 45.

  • Has 1 Socket
  • Has 2 Sockets
  • Trigger a Socketed Bow Skill when you Attack with a Bow, with a 1 second Cooldown
  • (7–12)% increased Attack Speed
  • +(50–70) to maximum Life
  • 5% chance to Blind Enemies on Hit with Attacks
  • (Being Blinded causes 20% less Accuracy Rating and Evasion Rating, for 4 seconds)

Flavor text: Midnight tinkering begets midday murdering;
a sinister shaft surreptitiously shot slays a scoundrel.
I will see them again, but not until my work is done.

Endless Night

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