Divine Vessel Not Working PoE

Divine Vessel Not Working?

Note that Divine Vessel Divine Vessel is a fragment.

If you have the problem with Divine Vessel, the high chance is that you have allocated the Stream of Consciousness passive.

  • Your Maps cannot be modified by Fragments

Stream of Consciousness PoE

Answer: Refund this atlas passive, then do it again and you will solve this problem. After having solved the problem, allocate this atlas passive again.

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Divine Vessel Guide

1. Place a Divine Vessel Divine Vessel along with a map into the map device. You can see the related maps here.

Divine Vessel Map Device

2. Kill the unique boss and capture its soul. Once the boss in the map has been killed, return to the map device to retrieve your newly captured boss soul.

capture boss soul

3. Talk to Sin to unlock the bonus on the pantheon. Pantheon souls can be brought to Sin to upgrade a Pantheon power via Divine Vessel Divine Vessel.

unlock the pantheon

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