Disciple of Kitava

Disciple of Kitava is a cluster jewel keystone passive skill.

  • Every second, Consume a nearby Corpse to Recover 5% of Life and Mana
  • 10% more Damage taken if you haven’t Consumed a Corpse Recently
  • (Recently refers to the past 4 seconds)

Disciple of Kitava Build

The life and mana recovery granted by Disciple of Kitava is instant, and thus can not be scaled with increased life or mana recovery rate like the Tricksters’ Patient Reaper notable. However, this also means it is unaffected by reductions to recovery rate such as the of Smothering map mod.

Related Uniques

Kitava’s Teachings Kitava’s Teachings is a unique Small Cluster Jewel. It adds the keystone Disciple of Kitava to your skill tree.

It drops from Delirium encounters.

Disciple of Kitava PoE

Essence Glutton + Disciple of Kitava Build

Essence Glutton is a Notable Ascendancy passive skill for the Necromancer that grants energy shield and mana regeneration per nearby corpse to you and nearby allies, plus additional energy shield and mana regeneration to you if you’ve consumed a corpse in the past 2 seconds.

Necro can grant 4% base mana regen per second, for two seconds after consuming a corpse. Node : Essence Glutton

Small issue: only lasts for 2 seconds. But Disciple of Kitava fixes this by consuming a corpse every second, meaning we have 4% base mana regen all the time.

Using Disciple of Kitava (consume corpse every second to recover 5% mana and 5% life, I can permanently have this 4% base mana regen.

Have this 4% + 1.75% default base + 3% from arcane surge + some miscellaneous

With lots of increased mana regen %, roughly 40% mana / second

Additional 5% mana / second from disciple of kitava.

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