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Diablo 2 Book of Skill

Book of Skill is a Quest Item in Diablo 2. Book of Skill can be obtained at the Sewers by defeating Radament. Book of Skill is related to Radament’s Lair quest.

Book of Skill permanently adds 1 Skill Point when used.

Quest: Radament’s Lair When you kill Radament, bolts of holy energy start shooting down from his body, which will also finish off any remaining undead. Radament drops a unique tome when players kill him for the first time. The tome is named Book of Skill, and it grants the player an extra skill point. (Note: Repeatedly killing Radament after the quest has been completed does not yield more Books of Skill.)
Location: Sewers Sewers can be found in Act 2. It can be access through 2 entrances from Lut Gholein. The waypoint can always be found on level 2.
Dropped by: Radament Radament can be found on the third level of the Sewers and is the objective of the Radament’s Lair given by Atma.
Just like all Greater Mummies, Radament will be accompanied by an entourage of skeleton minions and he is capable of resurrecting and healing them. One method to get around his minions is to lure them out of his resurrect range and killing them there.
Diablo 2 Book of Skill

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Skill Points & When to use

It should be 12 available skill points to the user altogether.

Doing the skill quests in Normal, Nightmare and Hell modes will earn you them.
+3 From the Den of Evil
+3 From Radament
+6 From Izual

This also goes for exactly what Cal said above.
– Malah’s Resistance Scroll (Allowing for maximum reward of 30 All Resist)
– Alkor’s Potion of Life (Allowing for maximum reward of 60 Life)
– Return of Lam Isen’s Tome (Allowing for maximum reward of 15 Attribute Points)

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