Desperate Crusade - Path of Exile

Desperate Crusade is a divination card. A set of three can be exchanged for a Prism Guardian Prism Guardian.

Outcome Amount Divination Card
Prism Guardian Prism Guardian 3 Desperate Crusade

Flavour Text: Through despondent hardships, those strong of spirit shall claim the prize.

Prism Guardian

Prism Guardian Prism Guardian is a unique Archon Kite Shield

  • +12% to all Elemental Resistances
  • +2 to Level of Socketed Aura Gems
  • Socketed Gems Cost and Reserve Life instead of Mana
  • Socketed Gems have 30% increased Reservation Efficiency
  • +(20–30) to Dexterity
  • +25% to all Elemental Resistances
Desperate Crusade

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