Collect 20 player ears — Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 Resurrected “Macabre Mark” achievement: Collect 20 player ears.

Player ears (actually character ears) are things, that drop from the player, that gets killed by other player. They look like ears. And they have description with character name and level. Those are like trophys to collect if you win fight against other player.

Diablo 2 Collect 20 player ears

Ears are just a “trophy” to show that you killed someone. Ears can be sold for 1 gold, but apart from that, they are useless.

  • If you kill someone in PvP, you get an ear with their name attached to it.

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What do you get for killing another player?

  • A Player Drops an Ear with the Player’s Name, Class, and Level.
  • You will also be able to pick up any Gold they have dropped.

Going Hostile

Normally, players in Multiplayer games cannot attack each other, and spells never cause damage to other players. However, those players who wish to duel one another, prey on the weak, or cause trouble in the ranks may do so by selecting the “Hostile” option from the Party Menu. When a player goes hostile with another, both players can attack and harm each other. When a player goes hostile to you, you receive a warning message. As an additional alert, hostile players show up as a red X on your Automap and a hostile icon is displayed on the upper right of your screen.

If you are killed by another player (PKed), your character does not drop the gold being carried, but instead drops the amount of gold that would be lost if you had been killed by a monster. This prevents a player killer (PK) from taking the gold you are carrying. Of course, in this case the gold dropped comes from your stash too.

Your character also drops a trophy ear, marked with the character’s name, class, and level.

Note: You may only activate the “Hostile” option while in town. A character lower than level 9 cannot be hostile. Also, upon declaring hostility any Town Portal you have cast will disappear. Further, hostiles may no longer use a Town Portal cast by another player.

Other players will receive a message whenever players change their relationship settings with them. You will not see this message, but they will.

Once you have flagged another player as hostile, they will immediately and automatically be hostile to you as well, no matter where they are in the game. They will also stay hostile with you unless they open their party menu and pick neutral.

When you declare hostility against one player in the game, you will also become hostile with other members of that player’s party.

Warning: When you go neutral with a player that has been hostile to you, this will not force them to become neutral with you. They will now be able to attack you and you will not be able to respond to their attacks until you go back to town and declare yourself hostile with that player again.

Other Information

  • When attacking other players, all damage of attacks and spells is 17% or 1/6. Some spells are special cased, such as Paladin Thorns, which will only do 1/8th the damage against other players. The duration of poison and cold are not affected unless the player has equipment that relates to those elemental attacks.
  • Valkyries, Hirelings, Skeletons, and Golems will attack other players when Hostile. Minion’s damage will be cut in half when attacking other players.
  • Iron Maiden has an additional 1/4 damage penalty
  • The casting of ‘absentee’ skills such as the Sorceress’ Meteor, Firewall, Blaze, Hydra; the Assassin’s Sentries; the Druid’s Volcano; etc. are terminated when the player enters town. This prevents declaring Hostility and doing immediate damage to the unsuspecting.
  • There is a 10-second delay between declaring Hostility and using a Waypoint or Town Portal to leave town.
  • The attribute “Hit Slows Target” is limited to no more than 50% slowing when used in PvP.

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