Cloud Steed – Lost Ark Mount

Cloud Steed

Icon Description
Cloud Steed Cloud Steed is a Mount in Lost Ark. A white horse said to play among the white clouds. It can only be boarded at Azure Wind Island.

  • Mount Speed: 450
  • Mount Type: aaaa


Icon Description
Lost Ark Skill Jump Jump

  • Skill Level: 1
  • Skill Cooldown: 3s
  • Skill Description: The Cloud Steed jumps and attacks.
Lost Ark Skill Charge Charge

  • Skill Level: 1
  • Skill Cooldown: 4s
  • Skill Description: The Cloud Steed charges at foes.
Lost Ark Hawk Attack Hawk Attack

  • Skill Level: 1
  • Skill Cooldown: 6s
  • Skill Description: The Cloud Steed summons a ferocious hawk.

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How to get?

This mount can be acquired after using the relic item – Mount: Cloud Steed.

Lost Ark Mount: Cloud Steed

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