Chapter 3 Return of Scattered Heroes – Flyff Universe

Type Category
Parent Chain
Repeatable No
Removable Yes
Party Share Yes
Child Quests
The Promise Ring
Zoro’s Pendant
Darkon’s Environmental Management
In the Shadow of the Mountains
Hungry Hungry Dwarpets
The Insightful Store Owner
Time to Resign
Onward Brave Fool!
Trials and Tribulations
Ainher’s Request
Repressing the Past
The Retired Hero
Gathering of Heroes
Customer Satisfaction
The Dungeon Code
A Brighter, Cleaner Darkon!
United We Stand
Carrierbomb Commotion
Catalyst to the Curse
Collective Bargaining
The Alluring Enchantress
Sweet Medication
Construction Gone Awry
Elaine’s Reply
The Insightful Store Owner
A Test of Trust
Forest Destroyers
The Jester Hero!
The Squirrels Took It!
Key to the Prison
Psykeeper Hero’s Pendant

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