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MW3 Season 2 Map: Ashika Island

Point of Interest: Town Center

The western and parts of the southwestern island comprise a bay with impressive sea wall defenses. Northwest of the main submarine canal is a Ferry Terminal and tourist facilities. Cross the canal bridges to reach a hotel and market district, with an additional Gas Station and the semi-circular City Hall structure.

North Sea Wall

Further into the ocean are a pair of L-shaped concrete barriers sunk into the sea floor to prevent tidal flooding. These can be accessed, though the hiding potential is limited unless you enjoy lurking just under the water’s surface. There’s a small boat launch to complete this installation.

Ferry Terminal

A steel-covered jetty allows visitors to disembark from the ferries that used to frequently arrive at the island before the recent hostilities began. The jetty offers quick access to the Tourist Center. In addition, you can reach the circular parking lot and restrooms (also structurally circular).

Tourist Center Building

A white concrete building stained with precipitation, this building offers visitors information (including a map of the island), as well as a small gift shop and kitchens. Operators may find interesting sightlines across the island towards Farms and Town Center.

Event Center Building

Parallel to the light-blue concrete sea-front promenade – which continues roughly east and southeast until it reaches the similarly-hued aquarium – is a medium-sized Event Center building, distinguishable by the signage and solar roof panels. Inside is a reception hall and a main ballroom with skylights.

Gas Station

A small gas station offering all the vehicle-repairing and refueling capabilities you’re used to, along with excellent roadway access around the island.

Science Center

Buttressed by a rock wall to the east and close to the waterways is a modern Science Center with numerous interior and roof access points. This roughly U-shaped structure has two interior floors (with a mezzanine balcony overlooking a main foyer, a staircase to the roof, and an easily-access elevator rappel point.

River Channel and Bridges

The western entrance to the interior Waterways under the island can be accessed from the canal channel, with two bridges spanning the gap. The sloping concrete banks are also easily accessed. Note the metal arch on the footbridge has a light blue hue.

South Sea Wall and Floating Gas Station

The harbor south of the open waterway channel features mostly calm waters, a floating Gas Station on a pontoon to refuel and repair your aquatic vehicles, and access to the main island via concrete promenade stairs. Note the sea wall is a place you can snipe from if you’re not concerned about cover. Check the tidal pool below the aquarium for an insertion point below the main entrances.

Market District and Hotel

A small collection of warehouses with stalls selling a variety of local produce. There are numerous alcoves and rooftops to scramble about, as well as easy access to the water and canal. East and across the main road is a hotel with a ground-floor foyer,sushi bar, elevator rappel to the upper floor interior and two lavish rooms and roof access.

Gas Station

South of the market is a Gas Station to quickly refuel and repair, a circular restroom by the concrete promenade, and rapid access into the bay or the adjacent Town Hall.

Town Hall

An impressive modern structure built in a semi-circular “slice” when viewed from above, this maze of concrete and glass. Inside is an expansive open-plan ground floor, escalators up to a small kitchen and mezzanine with display cases on show, and an upper floor featuring both an interior and exterior Zen garden. The rocky terrain behind the structure offers cover options and access to the castle grounds.

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