PoE Annihilation’s Approach

Annihilation's Approach are a pair of Unique Boots that were designed by imexile, and drops from the Uber Searing Exarch. While it provides juicy bonuses, you'll need to find a way to mitigate its burning downside!

Annihilation’s Approach Dragonscale Boots

Icon Description
Annihilation's Approach Annihilation’s Approach is a unique Dragonscale Boots. Boots. Armour: 121–139. Evasion Rating: 121–139.

Requires Level 65, 62 Str, 62 Dex.

  • Grants Level 20 Approaching Flames Skill
  • (60–100)% increased Armour and Evasion
  • 30% increased Movement Speed
  • Cannot be Chilled
  • Cannot be Frozen
  • Take 10000 Fire Damage per Second while Flame-Touched
  • Gain Adrenaline when you become Flame-Touched
  • Lose Adrenaline when you cease to be Flame-Touched

Flavour Text: Pray that the flames find fascination, for the true end follows when the great eye closes.

Grants Level 20 Approaching Flames Skill: Approaching Flames is a skill granted by this unique. It is an instant spell and buff with a 5 second cooldown; using this skill will toggle the Flame-Touched buff on you.

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How to get Annihilation’s Approach?

  • Drops from Uber Searing Exarch.

Annihilation’s Approach was created in a collaboration with nickexile11 (imexile) as a reward for taking a prize place in the 3.18 boss kill event.

Approaching Flames

Become touched by the flames of the Cleansing Fire.

Level: 20. Cooldown: 5 Second.

  • Deals to Lightning Damage
  • Cannot inflict Shock
  • This Spell’s Cast Time is added to its Cooldown if Triggered


  • 8% increased maximum Life
  • 6% increased Attack Speed while Leeching

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