Animal Crossing: New Horizons Crafting Hot Items Guide

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, crafting and selling hot items is a great way to earn extra Bells. Hot items are specific DIY items that Timmy and Tommy will buy for double their usual selling price on a given day. This guide will help you maximize your profits by crafting and selling hot items efficiently.

Understanding Hot Items

  1. Daily Hot Items:

    • Each day, Timmy and Tommy will designate one or two items as hot items.
    • These items can be crafted and sold for twice their usual selling price.
  2. Identifying Hot Items:

    • Visit Nook’s Cranny to check the hot items of the day.
    • Hot items are displayed on a sign outside the shop or can be inquired about by talking to Timmy or Tommy.

Crafting Hot Items

  1. Gathering Materials:

    • Collect necessary materials from around your island, such as wood, iron nuggets, clay, and stone.
    • Keep a stockpile of common materials to be ready for any hot item.
  2. Using DIY Recipes:

    • Ensure you have the DIY recipe for the hot item. These recipes can be obtained from various sources like message bottles, villagers, and balloons.
    • Access your DIY Workbench to craft the hot item. Crafting and selling high-demand furniture items for Animal Crossing Bell can be very profitable.
  3. Crafting Efficiently:

    • Craft multiple units of the hot item to maximize your profit.
    • If the hot item requires rare materials, consider whether the increased profit justifies the material cost.

Maximizing Profits from Hot Items

  1. Stockpile Common Materials:

    • Regularly collect and stockpile materials like wood, stone, and iron nuggets.
    • This preparation allows you to quickly craft hot items without needing to gather materials each day.
  2. Utilize Extra Workbenches:

    • Place extra DIY workbenches around your island, especially near resource gathering spots.
    • This setup helps you craft items on the spot, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  3. Check Hot Items Daily:

    • Make it a daily habit to check the hot items at Nook’s Cranny.
    • Plan your crafting activities around the hot items to ensure you don’t miss out on the bonus Bells.

Tips for Efficient Hot Item Crafting

  1. Prioritize High-Value Items:

    • Some hot items have higher base values, resulting in more significant profits when sold at double price.
    • Focus on crafting these high-value items when they are hot items.
  2. Use Storage Wisely:

    • Store crafted hot items in your house storage if you can’t sell them all in one day.
    • This strategy allows you to quickly respond to future hot item opportunities.
  3. Monitor Material Usage:

    • Be mindful of your material usage to avoid depleting your resources.
    • Balance crafting hot items with other crafting needs to maintain a healthy stockpile of materials.

Example Hot Items and Their Profits

  1. Wooden Block Toy:

    • Materials: 3 Softwood
    • Base Selling Price: 360 Bells
    • Hot Item Selling Price: 720 Bells
  2. Ironwood Dresser:

    • Materials: 7 Wood, 4 Iron Nuggets
    • Base Selling Price: 4,350 Bells
    • Hot Item Selling Price: 8,700 Bells
  3. Cherry Speakers:

    • Materials: 10 Wood, 2 Cherry
    • Base Selling Price: 3,000 Bells
    • Hot Item Selling Price: 6,000 Bells


Crafting and selling hot items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a lucrative way to earn extra Bells. By staying informed about daily hot items, gathering materials efficiently, and prioritizing high-value items, you can maximize your profits and enhance your island life.

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