Animal Crossing: New Horizons Daily Rocks

Hitting rocks on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a daily activity that can yield Bells and valuable crafting materials. This guide will explain how to maximize your rewards from rocks and provide tips for efficient rock farming.

Understanding Daily Rocks

Hitting rocks daily can yield Animal Crossing bells and valuable materials.

  1. Types of Rocks:

    • There are six rocks on your island.
    • Rocks can provide different resources, including Bells, iron nuggets, clay, stone, and sometimes gold nuggets.
  2. Daily Resets:

    • Rocks reset daily, meaning you can hit them once per day to collect resources.
    • One rock per day will yield Bells, while the others provide crafting materials.

Maximizing Rewards from Rocks

  1. Prepare the Area:

    • Clear weeds, flowers, and items around the rock to ensure nothing blocks your character.
    • Place two holes behind you to prevent being knocked back when you hit the rock.
  2. Use the Correct Tool:

    • Use an axe or a shovel to hit the rocks.
    • Both tools work equally well, so use the one you prefer.
  3. Efficient Hitting:

    • Stand directly in front of the rock and dig two holes behind your character.
    • This setup prevents knockback and allows you to hit the rock up to eight times quickly.
    • Hit the rock as rapidly as possible to get the maximum number of resources.

The Bell Rock

  1. Finding the Bell Rock:

    • Each day, one rock on your island will yield Bells instead of materials.
    • The Bell rock gives out an increasing amount of Bells with each hit, up to eight times.
  2. Maximizing Bell Collection:

    • Follow the same preparation steps to ensure you hit the Bell rock eight times.
    • The total Bells collected can be substantial, making it a significant daily income source.

Crafting Material Rocks

  1. Types of Materials:

    • Iron Nuggets: Essential for crafting tools and DIY recipes.
    • Clay: Used for various DIY projects.
    • Stone: Common material used in many recipes.
    • Gold Nuggets: Rare and valuable, used for special items and can be sold for a high price.
  2. Daily Collection:

    • Ensure you hit all rocks daily to gather a steady supply of materials.
    • These materials are crucial for crafting and upgrading tools, furniture, and other items.

Tips for Efficient Rock Farming

  1. Island Management:

    • Place rocks in convenient locations by breaking and allowing them to respawn.
    • Use fruit to break rocks and guide their respawn to a central location for easier farming.
  2. Use Paths and Fencing:

    • Create paths or use fences around rocks to ensure a clear area for hitting.
    • This setup can streamline your daily routine and prevent obstructions.
  3. Multiplayer Advantage:

    • If you play with friends, visit each other’s islands to hit additional rocks.
    • This method can provide extra resources and increase your material collection.

Additional Tips

  1. Keep a Schedule:

    • Incorporate rock-hitting into your daily routine to ensure you never miss out on resources.
    • Set a specific time each day for rock farming to develop a habit.
  2. Monitor Tool Durability:

    • Keep an eye on your tool’s durability to avoid breaking during rock farming.
    • Carry extra tools or materials to craft new ones if necessary.
  3. Special Events:

    • Participate in special events that may offer bonuses or extra resources from rocks.
    • Keep an eye on seasonal updates and in-game announcements.


Hitting rocks daily in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a simple yet essential activity for maximizing your in-game resources. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you can ensure a steady supply of Bells and crafting materials, enhancing your overall island experience.

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