PoE Allflame Ember of Meatsacks: Monster has greatly increased Life

Allflame Ember of Meatsacks

Pack Size: 1-1 Monsters.

Monster Level: 24-83.

  • Monster has greatly increased Life

How to use Allflame Ember of Meatsacks?

Click and drag this item over a Monster Pack in the Lantern of Arimor to have those packs in the area replaced with this pack.

How to get it?

  • In Necropolis league content, monsters can drop an Allflame Ember, which can be used on the Lantern to convert a monster into a different type. Monsters from the Allflame Ember have special effects, such as granting increased experience, turning them into harmless frogs, or being able to drop tattoos.
  • Embers of the Allflame Drop Chance atlas skill: 8% increased chance for Haunted Monsters in your Maps to drop Embers of the Allflame.

PoE Allflame Ember of Meatsacks


Name Description
Meatsacks Tanky {Undead} Zombie

The Allflame Ember of Meatsacks in Path of Exile’s Necropolis league offers a twist for combat veterans. Here’s how it alters monster encounters:

Super-Sized Monsters:

  • Unlike most Embers, this one doesn’t change the monster type. Instead, when used on the Lantern of Arimor on a monster pack, it significantly increases the Life (health) of all monsters in that pack.

More Bang for Your Buck (or More Buck for Your Bang?):

  • These juiced-up monsters pose a greater challenge due to their extra health pool.

  • In the Necropolis league, where experience gain from Embers is removed, the focus is on loot and challenge:

    • Benefits:

      • Potentially increased challenge for players seeking more difficult fights.
      • Might offer a chance for better drop rewards from the tougher monsters (not guaranteed by the Ember itself).
    • Drawbacks:

      • Significantly longer and more resource-intensive fights.
      • Not ideal for farming experience or quickly clearing areas.

Possible Uses:

  • Experienced players who want to test their combat builds against significantly tougher enemies.
  • Players farming specific areas where tougher monsters might have a higher chance of dropping valuable loot (although not guaranteed by the Ember).
  • Players who enjoy the strategic challenge of overcoming significantly buffed enemies.


The Allflame Ember of Meatsacks in Necropolis caters to players who crave a stiffer challenge. While it won’t directly grant experience or specific loot, it offers a way to turn regular encounters into tests of skill and build efficiency.


  • Consider your character’s build and damage output before using this Ember.
  • You might need to adjust your tactics to handle the increased health pools of the monsters.
  • This Ember is a strategic tool for adding difficulty, but it may not be the most efficient choice for all situations.

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