Aion Classic Kinah Farming Guide 2024

Farming Kinah, the main currency in "Aion Classic," is crucial for progressing in the game. Here are some effective and legitimate strategies for farming Kinah:

1. Questing

  • Daily and Repeatable Quests: Focus on completing daily and repeatable quests as they provide a steady source of Kinah along with experience points and items.
  • Campaign and Normal Quests: Completing all available quests in each region can yield a significant amount of Kinah, as well as useful gear and items.

2. Gathering and Crafting

  • Gathering: Collect resources such as ores, herbs, and aether. These can be sold directly to NPCs or on the player market for a good profit.
  • Crafting: Use gathered materials to craft valuable items, potions, or gear. Crafted items can often be sold for more than the raw materials.

3. Grinding Mobs

  • High-Drop Zones: Find areas where mobs drop valuable items or high quantities of loot. This is particularly effective if you find a spot with fast respawn rates and manageable mobs.
  • Elites and Bosses: Defeating elite mobs and dungeon bosses can yield rare items and gear that can be sold for high amounts of Kinah.

4. Selling Items

  • Brokerage House: Sell rare drops, materials, and crafted items through the Brokerage House to other players. Always check market prices to ensure you’re getting the best deals.
  • Gear and Enhancements: Items like manastones, godstones, and stigma stones can fetch high prices. Enhance gear and sell for profit.

5. Instances and Dungeons

  • Group Instances: Participate in group instances and dungeons to farm for rare items and gear that can be sold. Many instances have high Kinah rewards and valuable drops.
  • Solo Instances: Some instances can be soloed for a good return on investment in terms of time and effort.

6. Events

  • In-Game Events: Participate in special events that often have higher Kinah rewards and valuable event items. Keep an eye on announcements for these opportunities.

7. Crafting Professions

  • Alchemy and Cooking: Craft consumables like potions and food, which are always in demand by players. These items can be sold consistently for profit.
  • Weaponsmithing and Armorsmithing: Craft high-demand gear and weapons. As players level up, they will look for better equipment, and you can cater to this market.

8. Trade Runs

  • Rift Trading: Use rifts to travel between Elysea and Asmodae, buying low in one faction’s region and selling high in the other. This method can be risky due to PvP, but it’s highly profitable if done right.

9. Daily Rewards and Login Bonuses

  • Daily Login: Ensure you log in daily to receive any login bonuses, which often include Kinah or items that can be sold.

10. Selling Kinah Packs

  • Instances and PvE: Some players purchase Kinah packs (in-game items that give Kinah) from instances or PvE content, which can then be sold to other players.

11. Buy it from Seller

By combining these methods and finding the best approach that suits your playstyle, you can efficiently farm Kinah in "Aion Classic." Remember to always stay up-to-date with any game updates or changes, as they can affect the best farming strategies.

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