A Dusty Memory PoE

A Dusty Memory is a divination card. A set of five can be exchanged for a random fractured rare item with item level 100.

Outcome Amount Divination Card
1x fractured rare item(item level: 100) 5 A Dusty Memory

Drop level: 68
Flavour Text: In the oldest halls of my mind, at the end of a rarely used passage, lies my greatest treasure: one moment of happiness and innocence, pure and untouchable.

Fractured item

Fractured items are of a special type of item base that was introduced in the Synthesis league. Fractured items have at least one affix colored in gold (◼). that is permanently fixed on the item. Fractured items were used to create Synthesised items in the Synthesis league.

Currently, items with fractured mod(s) can be dropped by monsters with the Empowered Elements Archnemesis mod, certain reward chests in Heist and Delve, or created via using a Fracturing Orb.

In the Synthesis league, fractured items could be found in memory zones, and some unique items dropped as fractured items.

A Dusty Memory

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