Vixen’s Entrapment

Vixen’s Entrapment Vixen’s Entrapment is a pair of unique Embroidered Gloves. Requires Level 36, 54 Int.

  • Trigger Socketed Curse Skill when you cast a Curse Skill
  • +(50-90) to maximum Energy Shield
  • 0.2% of Spell Damage Leeched as Energy Shield for each Curse on Enemy
  • You can apply an additional Curse
  • Curse Skills have (10-20)% increased Cast Speed
Vixen's Entrapment

Vixen’s Entrapment Build

Despite the wording on the item as “curse skill” (singular), Vixen’s Entrapment Vixen’s Entrapment will actually trigger all socketed skill gems that have the curse gem tag simultaneously on cast of any other curse. It also explicitly works with both types of curse and makes no distinction between Hexes and Marks: Casting either one manually will trigger all of the socketed curses.

Note that Bane Bane does not have the Curse gem tag anymore.

Was the lack of a curse tag for Bane and its interaction with Vixen’s Entrapment intentional?

Bane Bane is fundamentally not a curse (and never has been). Previously, it was still considered a curse skill (had the tag) because tags are used to indicate what mechanics a skill interacts with, not just what they are. This is also why Dark Pact Dark Pact or the Offerings are Minion skills, despite not creating minions. This caused it to have an unintended interaction with Vixen’s Entrapment Vixen’s Entrapment, which affects socketed curse skills because it was intended to interact with actual curses, but the same tag was used for both cases. This conflicting meaning of skills having the curse tag also caused other issues with designing content, and thus is something we wanted to fix when we had a good solution. When curses were reworked, we had to distinguish between hexes and marks, which meant we now had more tags to work with and could be more specific about what each one meant – limiting the curse tag only to the skills that actually are curses, rather than just interacting with them, and applying the hex/mark tags for skills that interact with hex curses or mark curses as a mechanic. It’s quite possible something similar will have to eventually happen with the minion tag to separate skills tagged as creating minions from those tagged as interacting with minions in some form.

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