Tips for Making WoW Gold Classic

Now that you’ve gained a little capital you wanna start the real goblin process. That is making money while not moving by a damn pixel. Well, my guess is that you’re in for some BIG surprises. Ready?

  • There are at least three auction house pools – Horde, Alliance, Neutral. I say “at least” because in WoW Classic up until patch 1.9.0 there were separate auction pools for each city. Faction specific AHs present new opportunities: you can flip the items between factions, you can snipe the items from such flippers on the neutral AH . If we end up with city based AHs it will become a whole new experience for goblins – a real multimarket system. But from what I’ve heard the WoW Classic will be based on the latest vanilla patch, so I won’t elaborate into this possibility.
  • Many markets you know don’t exist or are totally different. First of all that goes for collections – mounts, pets, toys, transmogs.
  • On day 0 the auction house is ABSOLUTELY empty. To flip or snipe something you have to wait until it actually appears on AH . It’s the like for new items in expansion but now it’s for ANY items. That’s one global start rush with mad prices on AH with but one big BIGGEST difference that you’ve never experienced in your goblin career. And the BIGGEST problem of all gold making in WoW Classic.
  • On day 0 everyone starts with 0 gold. There are no rich players that can buy rich stuff. There are no savings from “previous expansions”. You can flip anything you like, you can own a market, you can farm like a madman. But once you start searching for buyers you’ll quickly discover the true nature and the number one problem with goblin life: you don’t make gold, you just take it from someone who made it, and if no one has any… surprise! There are only two “real” gold sources in WoW: mobs (real gold + items to vendor – and I mean really vendor, not AH ) and quests (which are limited on WoW Classic as there are no daily and world quests).Let me give you one more example because it’s something you should really understand very deeply. You can get a super epic BOE from your first high level mob. You can put it on AH for 1 000 gold (an enormous sum for WoW Classic). But until someone on your server actually earns 1 000 gold no one will buy it. And the only way to earn a lot of gold is either grind or wait for someone to grind and sell them something.What this means is that buy prices of items on AH will behave completely different from how they do on expansion starts. On expansion start players have a lot of gold. You put something with a high price and some rich guy comes and buys it. Because he can. There will be no rich guys in WoW Classic. Then other sellers come to your market, you become undercutting each other and the price drops. This stays true for WoW Classic, but there is also a new notion. People become richer and are ready to pay more.How will these two trends balance each other is an unpredictable thing to me. I’m not an economist. Perhaps there are those among you who can explain and predict this.

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How can you quickly make the World of Warcraft Gold Edition? My friends who have played World of Warcraft with me since the age of vanilla like to say “gold is the most common item in the game.”.

They are right. In a sense, almost every monster discards it, and many tasks reward it. But the gold in World of Warcraft Classic is hard to achieve now. In many cases, you’ll see silver and copper rewards covering you, but struggling with cash for fancy mounts can be a real challenge.

Therefore, you will use the following similar strategies to keep up with the trend. Welcome to our classic “World of Warcraft” gold guide and the wealth you will get.

Collect and sell as usual

From the age of 1-60, I only choose to work as a party. Usually, this will be herding and skinning , or herding and mining, but enchanting is also important (because you can break down unwanted gear drops and sell materials). Don’t collect things you use, but sell them to others in the traditional handicraft industry.

Choose the best party major

Herbs are particularly good because some players immediately use potions, including healing potions and defense elixirs, due to the relatively high risk of injury and death at a lower level of classic.

Skinning can reduce profitability and the time it takes to level, because you can skin things when you kill them. However, you don’t have to compete for nodes like grass or mining.

Mining is useful in many industries, including blacksmiths and engineering, and demand tends to rise as players approach the cap. But remember, professionals don’t experience World of Warcraft as much as they do in live games. The time spent on turfing and mining is far from leveling.

Whatever your career, gatherer mod is useful because it allows you to track where herbs and mining spawn.

To be the second fascinating character

If you plan to activate and level multiple characters at once (a good way to make the most of your rest experience), make the second character an enchant. This must be the character you plan to upgrade, because your enchantment skills must also be improved to continue enchanting higher level items.

When you get the main roles from 1 to 60, focus on entry-level decomposition, and you can keep decomposition without too much effort.

It’s usually not worth making a low-level enchant (it’s another thing to have a cripple enchant). In contrast, attractive materials may be profitable compared to the green and blue gears they use.

Scan auction houses for confusing material

It’s also worth spending time in the auction house every day browsing at the current price of attractive materials (such as “strange dust”) at a low price, and then checking the price of the green goods people sell, which generate dust when they are broken down.

Enchantrix mod will show you the best guess for each decomposition effect. Although not updated, the report says it can run in classic.

Farm Dungeon

It’s hard to harvest rare items in World of Warcraft classic, because many of them are “world drops” that can be used anywhere in the game world where monsters of a specific type or level reside. However, craftsmen use a number of materials specifically, which can be used on farms and for repeat sales, which are produced in uncompetitive dungeons.

The key to farming dungeons as materials is to be able to kill yourself or not let monsters see them. That’s why most of this type of farming is done by hooligans or Druids because they can sneak around. Then there are hunters and other strong soloists who can kill anything that might leave something useful behind.

A dungeon for making materials

Some dungeon farms need to collect skills: fadeleaf, for example, is a popular item because it is used in the rogue’s vanishing powder. Spawning points are included in the bloodstain monastery and other dungeons, which are easy to reach for classes with stealth and herbal properties. Grave moss is the easiest to farm in a scarlet cemetery. Black iron ore is easy for hooligans or Druids to farm in the black rock abyss that leads to the long corridor to Baikal.

Farm dungeon dropped

Other edible items were discarded by the mob. Cloth is a typical example. Most dungeon monsters drop a lot and often sell well. Stansom’s “living face” dropped the righteous balls , which were expensive because they were used as a Crusader’s enchantment. The enemy of the Blackstone abyss or the element of East Africa has dropped the essence of the elements used for various potions and enchantments.

There are a limited number of Dungeon resets per hour for all operations, so in many cases, hitting a dungeon that takes more time to acquire more items or resting on this cultivation during upgrade time may be a more meaningful alternative.

Take advantage of your downtime

If you’re not going to pursue or kill animals, you can switch to fish: the metamorphosed fish are always known as “salty metamorphosed joy” or “oily black mouth or firefin snapper.”. If you have a few minutes before your friend logs in, use it to find a bunch of beast monsters that are killed and skinned. You can also scan the auction house for items to be broken down, or you can use expertise to combine materials into more expensive items.

Auctioneer is a useful module that allows you to view the prices of stackable items in an auction house and record the historical prices you see.


If you want enough gold to pay for skills, repairs and installation, please don’t buy anything else. Don’t buy materials for your career; wait a moment, or after the price drops. Do not purchase equipment when you can make or grow materials.

It seems simple, but there is always some money to spend. Skip any unnecessary purchases, especially when upgrading, and you will find that you have enough room for the large purchases you really want. It does add up.

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