Faithguard Faithguard is a unique Runic Helm. This unique helmet allows you to go all-in with Ward as a defensive option for your character. It causes all increases to Energy Shield to affect your Ward instead, grants you a bunch of Ward, and helps it recover faster.

Requires Level 25, 30 Str, 30 Dex, 30 Int. Ward: 43.

  • +(20–30) to Intelligence
  • (25–35)% increased Ward
  • (20–30)% faster Restoration of Ward
  • (15–25)% increased Light Radius
  • Increases and Reductions to Maximum Energy Shield instead apply to Ward

Flavour text: The priests of the Kalguur worshipped knowledge, not gods.

Faithguard PoE

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Faithguard Screenshots

Faithguard Screenshots

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